My First Post Racipe:How to make special Potato breath .(Food recipe by @ibrahim7869)


Hello friends how are you all I hope you are all well. Friends, today I am going to share with you how to make potato dum for breakfast at home. This is my first recipe post. I hope you like it. If you like it, please comment so that we can do better later. So friends, let's not talk anymore, let's start today's recipe post.


Ingredients that should be used for this potato breath :

• 4 Potatoes

• 2 Pepper

• 2 Onion

• Oil

• 1 Yellow spoon

Making Stages :

First the skin of the potato was cut, then the potato was cut into pieces, then all the potatoes were washed, then the pear and pepper were cut, then the oil was heated, then the onion and raw pepper were left in the hot oil, first a teaspoon of salt was added, then a teaspoon Turmeric was added, then a spoonful of hot spices was added, then everything was stirred in oil for 5 minutes, then the potatoes were left in them, then we waited for the potatoes to be cooked, after 15 minutes the potatoes were done, then our breakfast. As the potato breath was made which tasted very tasty.

First Stage: Let's peel and wash four potatoes.


Second Stage: Let's cut the potatoes into Cube


Third stage : The potatoes were placed in a bowl


Four Stage : This time the potatoes were cleaned in water :


Stage 5 : Then mix it with a teaspoon of salt in water :


Stage 6 : Lightly boiled in hot water :


Stage 7 : Then raw pepper and onion were cut :


Stage 8 : Now add onion and chilli in the oil and add a teaspoon of turmeric :


Stage 9 : Then a spoonful of spices was given alone :


Stage 10 : This time they were moved for some time :


Stage 11 : After everything was properly mixed, the potatoes were given:


Stage 12 : Then wait until everything is a mixer:


Stage 13 : Then, after the potatoes were done properly, he took them to a plate:


Stage 14 : It turned out to be a delicious meal of potatoes for breakfast :


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Thank you all


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