What is Sensory Overload and How to Avoid the ‘Overwhelmed Life’? Part #1

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In medical science, sensory overload occurs when our senses are so overstimulated from the environment that they stop functioning properly and cause damage to our nerve systems.

In a social context, sensory overload happens when there are just so many things happening at once that you are overwhelmed to the point of breaking down.

There are many circumstances through which sensory overload could happen…

Without realizing, you may even be struggling with this concept at this very moment

There is a distinct line between your professional life and your personal life.

There are so many things going on simultaneously at both that sometimes, you may feel overloaded.

A person deals with his work hours, then has to deal with the problem between himself and her girlfriend.

Meanwhile, there are many responsibilities towards his friends and family members that are always there in his mind.

The guy is literally dividing his thoughts to thousands of threads on a daily basis without realizing how each and every one of those is slowing him down and exhausting him to the point of madness.

There are also so many corporeal things that require our attention in every moment at a given time.

The widespread popularity of social media culture has created more obligations for you within your daily hours.

For instance, your friends and family expect you to constantly check your phone and answer their messages.

If you are not there for a couple of hours, everyone is going to be worried or question you about the reason for that ‘long’ absence.

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The TV is on all the while and the news are beckoning something terrible that is about to happen in the world.

Your thoughts go back to the workspace and how far you are behind your projects.

Another thought occurs to you… are you really happy?

What happened to all those dreams of yours?

Another thought comes crashing into your brain. This time, you are thinking about your memories of the past.

You feel both loss and relief for what is no longer here.

Then… you start to worry about the future and everything that is going to happen to you in this life.

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These are the signs of an overwhelmed life; a life that is not lived by its participant, but forced into existence by the sheer pressure of everything that is simultaneously happening in the world.

Sometimes, it is a good idea to evaluate just how much you are dealing with at the moment and think about solutions to rid yourself of all the excess.

Realizing just how much you are dealing with is the first step to get rid of overload sensory and find your path again.



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