Hello guys this is Arun,
Hmm....A boring and sleepy morning. Now I am gonna share you what I have done yesterday.

Ring Ring! Oh! my mobile is ringing. The call is from my sister. "What today!. I'll attend the feast for sure.",I said. Her family arranged a feast that afternoon. Then I wake up completely and freshed up. Then I attended my meeting(classes) and the time reached 12:00 noon. The meeting was also got over. I started to my sister's house.

When I reached my sister's house and I met some of my relatives. And the main theme 🙃 for which I went there is feast. There, as I expected they served some varieties of food. But what is the problem is that I have the image of only one thing😌.


Those food were very tasty. There my tongue enjoyed very tasty foods like mushroom fry and the tasty indian snack Bajji and Bonda.
I always wish to eat such food but since we need to maintain our body, we need to control our tongue and mind. Since those food are too oily they are not so good for our health. But still it'll be good for tongue.


Ok the expectations got over with the meals and I got some ideas about what to do next in my life because of the advices given by my relative😅. They started to advice and it continued for about half-an-hour. "Oh God! let me run from here", I thought and came home.

After having a good lunch, I started my routine again😑.

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