Lyn Thyer Prisoner A0305EK on HUNGER STRIKE in SOLITARY 😡

Streamed live 31st July 2019

PLEASE write to Lyn Thyer (Prisoner A0305EK), Bronzefield Prison, Woodthorpe Rd, Ashford, Middx TW15 3JZ - Court to hear Habeas Corpus application
PLEASE also join me at Southwark Crown Court at 9.30am on Friday 2nd August to support David Noakes as the CPS/MHRA attempt to steal his assets to ensure he never again considers challenging the supremacy of the Pharmaceutical Industry!
- Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg, Bill Gates & SORTITION
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Indeed shocking our judicial system is corrupt to the core. I just hope we can get behind her and save her from this injustice. Hard times we live in and crucial at the same time. Information is getting out and hopefully will spread and people are waking and coming together 💯🐒

31.07.2019 20:09