I'm On The Top Of The World Lookin' Down On Creation...

There's a very popular radio station here in Wellington, New Zealand called Magic Radio. Catering for the 1950's to 1970's music and beyond, their playlist is intended for the late baby-boomers like myself. Music my generation grew up with, sounds stirring our hearts and minds, reverberating through our very souls! Yes indeed, classical music for the 1960's breed.

Magical, how nostalgic, and a reminder of a past time. Perhaps no better or worse than today, a different time when people had problems that in today's hectic lifestyle we would just laugh at now! If that was yesterday, imagine what tomorrow will bring!

We are living in a era of rapid technological change. So why do we still cling to the past information age with such doggedness? Why is embracing change so difficult for many people?

There have been a few posts and commentaries recently in the CTPtalk tribe about the future role of affiliate marketing sites in this the crypto age; a swirling legacy of traffic exchanges, viral mailers, and similar sites.

Dinosaured sites, perhaps their owners have become too intransigent to change; somehow stickered to nostalgia, unable to adopt new technology and embrace a new future. Sites that @jongolson suggests are stuck-in-the-mud.

Of course, if you bury your head in the sand, then someone will come along and kick that exposed backside hard, very hard then exclaim “you alright down there?”. "Yep, we're doing just fine", we can imagine the reply, muffled by dirt.

So, do these sites have a future in the crypto age? Probably not given their reliance on fiat (cash). Platforms like Steem embrace change at every opportunity, hardfork in new directions, and can even halve to allow mirrored versions dedicated to different strokes. Online success is no longer determined by the number of clicks you do in the surf bar or by the number of referrals, rather just mined somehow!

There are some sites though that I still love surfing or interacting on, and I know that there are owners such as fellow steemians @slackerman with his Tornado Traffic and @russellstockley with his two sites Cup of Traffic and Xchange Traffic. Yet some of the other site owners appear to have become desperate, trying to hold on to a business that was so successful just two or three years ago, and now seemingly having little or no revenue.

Maybe someone needs to shout out to that lot: hey, the information age is over, the crypto age has come, and soon the virtual reality age will be a-knockin'. Change upon change, happening with such speed that traditional websites just cannot maintain relevance, so they lose their customer base.

There's a need to get a lot of these old sites - still loved by great number of surfers yet not paying out anymore, or at least struggling to make payments - into this new age, and preferably using the Steem platform. That's why I'm looking forward to @jongolson and @blainjones at ClickTrackProfit releasing their own CTP Token. Soon, we'll have a mechanism for owners of traffic exchanges, viral mailers, and such like to drift that gap spanning yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Until now, the only alternative was to let those sites die, one after another. Too bad if you had a lifetime upgrade, or if you are close to getting a payout, or the owners refuse to pay you or even offer support. At last, there's going to be a tradeable token that'll help both site owners and their users and we'll not have to rely on fiat payment processors who can change their terms and conditions unilaterally, or are stifled by government controls.

With blockchain, we have to reach a general consensus, so at least all participants will get a chance to comment and to vote according to their preferred positions. Hey, that is rule by the people, what we now call democracy. According to Wikipedia, democracy came about just before the Golden Age in Athens: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_democracy Perhaps a portent of future tidings for all steemians?

I'm on the top of the world lookin' down on creation...

Ian Ballantine
Wellington, New Zealand
November 7, 2019.

Lyrics: https://www.songfacts.com/lyrics/carpenters/top-of-the-world


Lions at Wellington Zoo on top of their enclosed world, photographed by self during a free neighbours of the zoo visit in January 2019.

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07.11.2019 11:54

Thanks for the l.o.v.e. @theluvbug, and thanks also for the resteem, both muchly appreciated.

07.11.2019 12:13

I am glad I got rid of my traffic exchange years ago considering the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is going after U.S. taxpayers who invest in or use crypto. The IRS started sending letters out this summer to file amended returns and pay taxes on crypto transactions. https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/irs-has-begun-sending-letters-to-virtual-currency-owners-advising-them-to-pay-back-taxes-file-amended-returns-part-of-agencys-larger-efforts

07.11.2019 12:20

hi Glen, we have that same issue here in New Zealand.

Western governments have finally accepted that crypto has value, so needs to be taxed. We even need to include in our revenue statements when we do our annual beneficiary returns to social welfare. Yep, they denied for many years that crypto had value, now the truth has left these governments red-faced. Be now seeing the start of that backlash!

Just wait, won't be long until all holders of crypto will have to submit weekly or monthly returns - depending on holdings - to your respective taxers or suffer forfeiture of all crypto and banning of further investments. I worked in New Zealand Government for over 13 years, I know how taxing their brains are!

I bet you're feeling a lot less stressed and over-worked since you got rid of your TE.

08.11.2019 01:30

Crypto is indeed the future Ian, it's available to anyone, has very low or no transaction fees, and you can't be shut down, all needed if you want to be in affiliate marketing these days, stay awesome.

07.11.2019 16:42

Thanks for your reply Erik. Next year will see massive changes in internet activity, as more people and businesses embrace crypto and begin their VR journey. Now's the time to knuckle down and accumulate. Hope you have just an awesome day, my friend.

08.11.2019 01:33

👍😀Posted with

08.11.2019 15:41

Thanks @steemitboard for a new badge.

09.11.2019 09:58