Quarantined in Countryside - Back to basic survival. 😎

Hello World! 🙌

I'm back to writing down my life's events, changes and challenges. I just thought that it's good to check 'em back when this is all over. 😒

The Covid19 Pandemic has been a huge challenge to all. I used to stay in the city with my daily work in the office but now - here I am in the urban countryside staying with our farm goats, ducks, and chickens. 🤣




I learn to do some homesteading project like planting crops, building storage hut - basically all farming stuff! I told myself that I am better working in big and well-known companies but when all else fails -

"...I realized that learning the basic in living is very vital - planting crops and learning to raise own food is very significant, after all, we simply need to eat to live!"

Till here Steemit people. If you're still hangin'around, I'll see you around! love3x 💕💕💕💕


Your friend from afar,
@iamwhatiamnot 😎

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