Use Keybase To Store Steemit Keys And Other Private Data

If you don't already know, I am talking about It is a platform for many of our cryptographic needs. You can use it to store all your private data with end-to-end encryption. In other words, even keybase can't read your data. This could thought of as a more secure alternative to storing your data on cloud storage facilities, such as, google drive, dropboox, etc.


However, let me list a couple of pros and cons of this platform that I deem relevant in this context to help you decide.


Support on almost all the platforms

You can install keybase on your mac, windows and linux machines and also on other ios and andriod devices. Infact, the more number of devices you provision keybase on, the securer would be your account 1,also%20gets%20a%20key%20pair.">.

Massive free storage

Gives you a massive storage capacity of 250GB unlike goggle drive and similar cloud storage facilities that limited to somewhere around 15GB 2">.

Avoid Unnecessary Syncs

You can sync data selectively. This is a great feature since it saves a lot of storage bandwidth on hand-held devices such as phone or ipad.

Command Line Interface

For tech savvy people out there, keybase also comes with a command line interface too. You could do a bunch of things, such as, encrypt, decrypt files, navigate file system, etc.


No In-Built Document Reader

Unlike google drive and dropbox, keybase doesn't come with a in-built document reader as of now. What it means is that in order to say open a pdf file, you will have to download it on your device first. But I believe, keybase will soon come up with one. You could though open text files on keybase itself as of now.



Using keybase is like using a password manager like Bitwarden3"> password manager with the difference that keybase gets safer and safer as you configure it on multiple devices. You need to remember a single bitwarden password and use it to login to multiple accounts with different passwords. It's open source and built around proven technologies.


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