Query about MIDI foot controller, Behringer FCB1010

Does anyone own or has tried MIDI foot controller for guitars, Behringer FCB1010 with Amplitube CS (iPad) ?


@neerajkr03 @cryptokannon Let me know where to post this if not already posted in the correct community?

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I am not sure about the right/more suitable community but you can always post it in @bestofindia.

22.12.2020 13:46

Also, It would be great if you could add a thumbnail image/ at least one image in your post so that on the listings page, your post will show a thumbnail and will make your post more genuine as many spammers do post without images and so nobody upvotes or comments on it. :)

22.12.2020 13:49

Got it

22.12.2020 21:59