Achievement 1: Introducing Myself

Hello Steemians,


Myself Shivam Kapoor. I hail from the silicon valley of India, Bangalore! By profession, I am a software developer with an experience of almost 10 years. Besides work I am into playing guitar, origami, fine arts and chess. I am mostly into rock music but have always been open to exploring various genres. I love to debate owning to my super power in reasoning. I love to explore new places with my beautiful daughter :)


I would like to thank @neerajkr03 for bringing me here.


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Greetings friend @iamsmkr.

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15.12.2020 12:52

Thanks for warm welcome @adeljose @cryptokannon. I have really enjoyed my journey on this platform so far and looking forward to contribute as much as possible. Again thanks for you guidance and suggestions!

15.12.2020 13:08

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Nice to meet you! I just joined two days ago too!

15.12.2020 14:57

Nice to meet you too! Welcome on #steemit!

15.12.2020 18:37

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Hi Shivam,

Welcome to Steemit.

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15.12.2020 17:50

Thanks for you valuable suggestions!

15.12.2020 18:39

Hi @iamsmkr

Welcome to this platform.

"May your arrival be auspicious and fruitful. Use your talent and creativity here."

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15.12.2020 18:10

Thanks for your warm welcome! @eh-shohag

15.12.2020 18:38

Welcome to Steemit community !
Good luck!

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16.12.2020 08:53

Bienvenido @iamsmkr, acĂĄ conocerĂĄs gente amiga con la idea comĂșn de alcanzar el Ă©xito.

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16.12.2020 16:07

Welcome to Steemit! You look like some Indian actors in an Indian movie. Nice to have you here! Have fun making friends and explore the world of steem!

16.12.2020 13:00

Haha! Thanks for the complement and the warm welcome! @cryptokannon

16.12.2020 16:09