Achievement 4 by @iamsmkr Task : Applying Markdowns

Applying Markdown

This document is written using markdown template language. To accomplish achivement 4, I am trying following 5 markdown template features:

1. Scaling Images

Liminal Space
Liminal Space

2. Aligning Images

Witch Hunt
Witch Hunt

3. Adding Code Snippet

import fastparse._, NoWhitespace._

def num[_: P]: P[Int] = 
  P(CharIn("0-9").rep(1) ~ (CharIn(".") ~ CharIn("0-9").rep(1)).rep).!

val Parsed.Success(value, successIndex) = parse("123", num(_))

4. Blockquotes

It's mark of an educated mind to entertain a thought without accepting it.
― Aristotle

5. Tables

Key Value
Service A
Hostname iamsmkr
Port 5555
Status Passing

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