Fetish School Desk Chair!


Used, still works.

I never used this as a fetish desk chair. But, let's be real. Why else would you be looking for a school desk chair? Other than to fulfil those latent student/Teacher desires. It's ok, honey, this is a safespace. Be your true self! I believe in you!

Caption for photo 1: Look how this beauty glistens in the sun! That's because I half-ass cleaned it. I washed my dust from these lovely curves & angles, but I allowed the classroom "memories" to remain—just in case you're extra kinky. Don't worry, I got you, Boo. ;)

Caption for photo 2: Look how hard this wild beast rides!

Caption for photo 3: Submission is fun too! Ignore the undercarriage dust that I forgot to clean. That doesn't mean I will clean it, because I won't. I'm not wasting another paper towel on this piece of—beautiful sex toy.

*Jealous patio furniture not included.

Online, these sex toys sell for about $150 new. Art adds value to this world, so I'll be taking the best offer higher than $150. I’m also open to interesting trades.

I'm selling a house full of stuff. Each piece will be numbered, signed with DNA infused ink, & come with a snarky/silly/thoughtful/ranty/whatever post. I'm playing a game of chicken with entropy. 100 years from now (or whenever/ifever), I hope someone is inspired to bring all the pieces back together for one silly-ass art exhibit that helps to show us that our lives can come back together, no matter what happens to us. Individually, each piece is meant to bring the comfort of knowing—even in chaos, we always have a place in this Universe, given that its entirety is our home.

To go along with this project, I’m writing a reality-meets-fiction telling of the process—in the sci-fi genre, of course. If you buy a piece, you get a free copy of the book, & if it pleases you, I’ll likely put you into the story.

One final thought on economics. Early investors win more & lose less. If this catches on, that $150+ could grow into $5k in only a few dozen months. Also, others realizing this will drive that $5k even higher. I mean, who doesn’t want to be part of a future quest?!

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