The moment I have pondered while breathing the outside air


I want to be happy, but How?

The shining light of the sun wakes me up with discomfort, when I open my eyes with much tiredness I look around me, they were sounding the typical birds of my backyard, I felt a weight on my body of the routine, the same routine as always. Knowing that when I opened my eyes I was stuck in a place with four walls, to then eat, go to the bathroom, bathe and sleep, the whole routine became tedious, then I questioned myself, what can improve my attitude?

I searched the Internet for different kinds of articles about happiness, about having more excitement and that my body does not feel heavy. From searching and searching, I got a series of answers that turned my head upside down. I was a bit stressed by the amount of things that could raise my mood, one of them left me with my mouth open for a few seconds, it was about closing your eyes and imagining that you fly... How flying will make me happy?

Then my presence must not touch the ground to get the happiness I desire, right? It sounded kind of stupid to me, because I have always been an open-minded person but flying is not going to solve my problems. With a sigh of annoyance and frustration, I read in a blog of true happiness, obviously in the writer's eyes, being happy is an overused term to really define.

I shook my head constantly because nothing I read seemed like the best solution, so I went out for a while in search of something new, maybe the air or the sound of animals flying would tell me an unexpectedly beautiful message. I contemplated my surroundings, very quiet but something ringing in my ears was the sound of a newborn baby crying, I understand their morning routine was to cry until they were given food, I laughed to myself because the mother may be more stressed than me, then a ring of light came to perch on my haggard face. A clarification came to develop in my outrageous mind, I reflected and my eyes became relaxed again....

Everyone can be stressed, the issue is how you handle it. I watched my neighbor, detailed the way she washed her clothes by hand while humming an old song, I remembered my parents who all their lives have worked to have a dignified life, a life that can be called ''happy''. It is rare to hear that happiness is understood in many ways, but the point is how you see your panorama, observing is not the same as detailing.

Being happy is not a matter of having a lot of money, but who wouldn't be happy while eating a nice fried chicken and fries? Who wouldn't be happy seeing the whole world as a backpacker? Happiness may be at hand with useful objects like money, but now you must ask yourself Are you okay to eat a lot of saturated fat? Is your body better off for a hard trip around the world? Then, health must also go hand in hand with happiness, so it is not only money, but also that you can breathe properly and without any pain.

I based myself on questioning each question and came to the conclusion that: Happiness is a universal term. Everyone can assume its perspective in different ways, it can be emotional, economic and scientific. The explanations will be varied, many will not correspond to your answer and they themselves will seek their own answer according to their ideology.

The importance of reading, inquiring and seeking conclusions through facts is a significant point to our human intellect. Recognizing our mistakes is an advance, expanding and developing better techniques is a change that every being needs to understand.

Life consists of many answers, the detail is which one will be yours?

The reality is that if I am not happy, my mind will go into an emotional breakdown that not even the divine Goddess can solve. But if I ever find the hidden treasure of those elves who hid while the mermaid sang bedtime, it will be the day that humanity will return to being what many writers invent for just a little peace.

Life has taught me that opening my eyes is a spontaneous moment that not everyone can understand, opening my eyes in the morning is synonymous with a new day, but will the new day be routine or will it be a new life? You decide at what moment to change your course, you decide to be good or bad, you decide to create the destiny that rumbles around you, to be happy is your decision Do you already know what is the answer of your destiny?
Writings that only want to be read by you.

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