Steem Women Club Community Contest #15 DIY(Do İt Yourself) Art | LEARN HOW TO MAKE A TELEPHONE HOLDER!!🥰📱

📱How to make a phone holder?📱

Hello my beautiful women of SteemWomen Club! I can't wait to participate in the new @SteemWomenClub contest. In this new challenge is to create a craft with your own hands, actually I had a hard time looking for something that is easy to make and at the same time that I can use it without damaging it, so among searches I found this idea that I will show you. If you want to participate in the new contest, cheer up and click here

What do we need?

  • 5 or 6 thick wooden craft pallets
  • Silicone.
  • Scissors.
  • Pencil.
  • Instructions

    1. First, you are going to make a diagonal to two wooden pallets, you can use as a support one of these to make them straight. Try to make them as similar as possible and there are no problems for the next step

    2. In the next step is to glue the edges of the pallets, I used a glue that when placing I have to let it dry for 30 seconds and then press to the site with glue, try to press them between the two pallets so that it sticks properly.

    3. Now, grab a pallet and cut a not so big piece, it can be maximum 3 cm and shape it to the side you cut, this you glue it behind the junction of the pallets you just glued so they finish joining.

    4. You attach the mini paddle to the two big ones as the end of that side, now it's time to create the support to the craft. Grab a pallet and cut 4 cm, then glue the bottom of the mini pallet, to reinforce the support, cut a small piece and put it underneath.

    5. Finally, with two pallets, cut the oval sides and glue the corners with the pallets that are Y-shaped, give it support and glue well because when you place the phone can fall.

    How did you like it? I loved it! First for being very easy to make and it is also very useful, as I live alone, I don't have a phone, I wanted to show you how cool the phone looked in its place. But it can also be used for other types of things like cards, picture frames and much more.... It depends on what you use it for.

    I invite @cami.rojas @lucianahurtado and @briceoyi to participe.


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    22.04.2021 22:33

    Muy bonito amiga

    23.04.2021 01:31


    23.04.2021 12:44

    Amiga que lindo y práctico ahora estoy necesitando 2 los voy a intentar hacer gracias por tu post🤗🌺

    23.04.2021 02:01

    Ow, espero que te funcione, es muy fácil de hacer y si le he agarrado el gusto🤓👍

    23.04.2021 12:44

    Hola hermosisima @iamsaray, como siempre nos traes una excelente participacion, de verdad esto es tan util para todas nosotras. Gracias por compartir tu creatividad con nosotras, por participar y mantenerte activa en nuestra comunidad favorita Steem Women's Club. Recuerda que "Unidas somos mas fuertes"

    Participacion aprobada✔️

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    24.04.2021 01:56

    Muchas gracias! Bendiciones para ti tocaya🤓❤️

    25.04.2021 12:28

    Me encanta, sería muy útil para mi, intentaré realizar uno.

    25.04.2021 01:28

    Hello! Que bueno que te guste, es muy práctico 🤓❤️

    25.04.2021 12:29

    Hello, I approved your participation in the contest. Thank you very much for posting on the community. We are always here to support you. Good luck :)


    26.04.2021 09:35