She is...

She is power
She burns but it doesn't hurt
She's hot to hug you
She dreams
She sings and dances
She is everything everyone wants
She cries
She screams
She is human
She is you.

Samsung J7

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nice photo
i just posted a vlog if your interested. thanks

be well

12.12.2019 22:26

Thank you♡

12.12.2019 22:30

Sorry I missed the window to resteem, but my upvote is one-cent dust, so you didn't miss anything there.
@mysticmaya, you'd love this! I'll Facebook share to make sure you see it!

20.12.2019 14:19

Too late to vote, but I liked the poem; it is how we see women at the time of being in love.

PS: I hope mankind evolves to the point where our landscape is no longer spoilt by wires overhead - though painters and poets will probably then nostalgically paint them in, even where they have never existed.

Being contrary is part of the beauty of being human

28.12.2019 04:05