I'm going to write something important and I want you to read it...

Photo taken in 2017, this trip was beautiful, a landscape of Christmas lights and at that time I forced her to take a picture with me since she hates taking photos. She is taller than me, only I had high shoes hahaha.

Hi! For those who do not know, my name is Saray Flores and I am 19 years old, I am a medical student in the state of Mérida, Venezuela. Currently, my efforts in studies have been more prone to the moment of truth, I also continue to publish in Steemit to have an economic aid since in my country the socio-economic situation is complicated. However, my parents have given me what is necessary to improve as a person and have a good quality of life. I want to start with this post with a very important message, I am not good at writing but I know that I have a heart and desire to exercise my own money, but this time I had so many problems that I had to grab my savings to help my family, they don't want help from me since I'm still a girl for their eyes but secretly I send them money so that my brothers can continue eating in a healthier way.

Maybe you don't want to believe me since it seems very fantastic that a girl so young and with so many things in mind, can help a family of 4 people, but that is how, this year I set out to balance my surroundings and create good investments that I benefited from my career and stay in Merida. My family lives in Maracay, Aragua and there is a distance of 12 hours by car, it is a lot to go to see them whenever I want... Even so, I miss them every day and I remind them that I am fine, despite some difficulties I've been living, I want them to be calm.

Since December I have been saving for my mother's gift, an arrangement of balloons and sweets, since I don't have time to work for my busy schedule, Steemit has helped me with this idea. However, I still need some coins to reach 100 steem, I have been writing, taking photos, devising interesting topics to raise more than necessary, so I am here talking about how special and complicated it is to work and study at the same time.

I don't have much to give, I can only give my words, my anecdotes, my photos, my drawings and some simple reflections on this beautiful platform. I admire so many people who have a true talent, those talents must be recognized in the world, I have met great artists and composers who deserve much more than they earn, their work is arduous and beautiful, the feelings are embodied in lyrics, melodies and colors, I have observed investigations with great care and dedication so that voters recognize their publication and obtain a prize.

Here there are studious, very intelligent people designing feasible projects for the community, to establish a more developed level in societies, I have seen videos of enterprising people, with the strength of teaching classes for young people like me. Everything I've written is realistic and sincere, also since I started in Steemit I could understand the English language, my native language is Spanish but thanks to the exploration of this network, last year I was a total rookie haha ​​does anyone remember their first months on Steemit? I remember! As if it were yesterday, I didn't know how to put the format in the publications, I didn't know the topics I could talk about... Everything was so new, but let me tell you, my best decision was to know and enter this incredible platform.

Thanks to Steemit I have made a difference in my independence, the jobs in Venezuela your monthly salary is from 6$ to 8$ when common products such as food or personal care is worth much more than the salary... Something unheard of but true, since This topic is heard, I would not like to remember the sad reality of my youth, inhibit myself from traveling, delicious foods and clothes, things that maybe when I have my profession I can improve, I just ask is the help of people in Steemit, remember, without you No one was publishing and reporting large projects, the people here are 100% dedicated to giving their best, we must value their efforts, don't they think?

Unfortunately I cannot be on my mother's birthday, it is the first time that I will be so far from her, the woman who gave me life, the woman who fed me for years and continues to feed me, she deserves all the good and never the bad. If you had a situation like mine, would you do everything to make her happy, right? I want him to have a detail for me, I am striving, tremendously in his gift, it does not exceed 10$ and yet I have not reached the goal, I do not want to pity but if a collaboration so that she has a good gift...

If you are reading this, remember that mothers are the reason for us to exist, today for me and tomorrow for you. I am open to your ideas, open to donations and I hope you can understand the work of each person in Steemit.

Thanks so much and good night.

A young lady of small stature says goodbye.

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t leo y pienso q tienes mucho q aportar al mundo, la honestidad siempre es algo para admirar.

t deseo éxito en lo q t propongas y quieras hacer.

13.01.2020 02:40

Muchas gracias, tengo esperanzas de sobresalir en esta red social :) asi que puedo poner mucho mi empeño jajajaj

13.01.2020 13:23

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