I am beautiful ok?

I love how I am, I don't say it because I want to be self-centered but if someone says "I love myself" it should be good, right? A long time ago, my self-esteem was at the bottom, I think that any woman with insecurities can think of herself as an ugly person. I looked in the mirror and thought, Who would like to date someone like me? I am a dwarf person, with acne and teeth all messy.

But... Do you know how I got this insecurity? Thanks to a discussion with a friend who changed my way of seeing, I don't blame her but I also don't applaud her for what she did and she told me. I remember that in that fight, she said it was not enough to beat her, thinking she was my friend, MY FRIEND!

I felt a burden on my shoulders for having been embarrassed in front of middle school, I do not want to say that I care what people say but at that time I was 16 years old, I was a girl who was beginning her life as a teenager, after All in all, I restrained myself to parties because I wasn't pretty enough to be in a place full of pretty women.

I put on makeup to cover my pimples (BIG MISTAKE) I did not wear tight clothes because I got chubby and I was always an introvert when meeting someone.

All the thoughts about me were negative, oh god if he hated me. Until there was a particular day that I read a phrase on Instagram and it was:

Self-love begins when you stop insulting yourself and start flattering yourself.

At first, it seemed totally stupid, that is, what is the beauty of flattering you if you know you are not? Actually expect someone to tell you, not you. In those days, from so much insult about my appearance, I looked at the mirror for a while, detailing every corner of my face and body, I relaxed and said You are beautiful.

That day, I was just lying to me. But I kept trying, another day I stood in front of the mirror and said But how beautiful you are, I would laugh at my flattery until it became routine, every day I appreciated myself in the mirror as a 5-year-old girl believing that I was a super model and I was starting to believe it.

Every day my self-esteem was improving without needing the help of an extra person, I could tell myself that she was beautiful just as she was, also I helped Beyonce's songs to dance like a superstar in front of the mirror hahaha. I started showing off my outfits, I started with shirts glued up to short dresses.

Makeup was no longer necessary, maybe mascara and I did the eyebrows but I was undergoing facial treatment to improve it and I said I looked better without a drop of makeup. I considered an exercise routine, I wanted to be more active and in good health to always be young (since my height took away many years at my age) and believe me, I was seeing very positive results.

I was reading self-help books, I was spending more time with my brothers and helping them in their emotional problems, I became more attached to my parents. Actually, self love changed my life.

My friends started to flatter me, they said I had an attitude and that made me prettier, I never believed in fairy tales but they did believe in me, in me and only in me. He was loving me little by little, the me from 4 years ago did not recognize a compliment, a hug, a love....

I think this was all thanks to my friend who gave me to understand that I did not love me at all, thanks to her I understood true self-love unconditionally, I thank her for being so hard on me because without her insults I would not have fought In changing my emotional appearance, I have also guaranteed myself to be more careful with the advice towards other young girls, now I am 20 years old and I am happily in love with myself, my family, my partner and my university career.

I hope that they accept their appearances and improve every day as evolutionary people. Everyone deserves a little or maybe a lot of self-love♡ I wish them well :)


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