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Have you ever read a Steemians post and wonder how in the world they ended up on the Steem Blockchain? What brought them here? Why are they still here? Did they have an easy time when they walked in the great front door of the future?

I think we all have more in common about why we have stayed on the Steem blockchain. I would love to hear your Steem story. What I would also love to hear is why with all the hardforks, learning, and struggles you made it on Steem as of today.

The Steem Community I set up called Snook Made me Do It is a place I would love to fill with positive posts about why real Steemians are still on the blockchain and are not giving up.

How did i get here?

I have always said that I wanted to generate money on the Internet for the short time I had, I started looking for a way to exercise that vocation by producing in front of a screen without moving my whole body. I searched on YouTube that is the densest platform in explaining and obtaining good results and in a miniature it came out "Steemit: Write and you will earn money" I was curious but I never imagined the world where I entered, I researched several videos and post on the Internet to understand the platform. It was the best decision I made...  

Why I am still here?


Finding the platform was a blessing, now I am betting that the currency will rise and have a more beneficial value for all of us who have worked at Steemit, I stay here not only for the money I am generating, I stay here because I love the people of Steemit, as he elaborates his publications explaining in detail and luxury any subject. I met people that their knowledge is gold, I learned that there are a variety of ideologies, nationalities, customs and among others...

It is beautiful to share this place with talented people, so I decided to bet on Steemit to have that same feeling and increase its value more and more. I think that, the majority can put a grain of sand to improve everything that would be Steemit, there are people with many ideas to increase the genuine value of this page, also in these times of development, we should all know that blocktrades could be the new economy of the world, it would generate more benefits to people and we would have a better future.

Bet on Steemit

👉Next year will be our year, if we prioritize the goal we can achieve high value👈

Read the article of @snook if you want to find out about her project :)

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what a great story and take on how you feel about blocktrades!

Thank you for writing your post!

17.12.2019 05:30

Love the formatting here, first time I think I've seen one of your posts! DO you remember who's youtube channel it was?

@alliedforces curate

18.12.2019 05:07
You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
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18.12.2019 05:07

Thank you very much for reading my post! If I remember who was the person who explained about Steemit, here the video

18.12.2019 14:26

Sweet, thank you!

18.12.2019 17:49