A look at my past | Real story | Enough of the abuse of social networks.

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This story is mine, of my past, I made the decision to tell a part of myself in order to create awareness in today's girls, I want to combat the fear and sexual abuse of social networks. Social networks is a positive and negative tool, nowadays it has been used in an atrocious way, damaging the reputation and confidence of women ... Here my story. Please respect first of all.

When the age of adolescence arrived, I began to create better ties with friends, the ones I called "best friends" were always in different groups, clowns, party people and academics. I didn't have a specific one just because I was very friendly to others, when I turned 16 I started going out to parties at night, I met many people who don't even remember my name now, I met a lot of guys and entered the world of relationships.

I was a beautiful girl, applied to studies and very pleasant to talk, that attracted many looks and I am aware of that. When I entered the world of lovers, I never began to reflect on how careful I should be, boys of 16 or 17 years are people with altered hormones, perform liars to get something that is very valuable to me, virginity. I remember very well a guy who spoke to me from social networks, he wrote me on WhatsApp with a simple "Hello" and there was the breaking point for my confidence.

This particular boy changed the way I saw them, he was very attractive, had many friends in common and a very partying life. I've always been funny, but he made me nervous because I liked him a lot, but the fairy tale will never last forever ... It was one night, we were talking on the phone and he asked me "What are you wearing?" I had not noticed , I replied "My pajamas" and he laughed, I laughed and all the surroundings weirder than usual. The conversation was no longer innocent...

"I don't mean those clothes"

"What are you talking about?"

"I want to know what you have down"

The heat rose to my cheeks and became red... and uncomfortable, my breathing was cut and the pulses of my heart accelerated. I was only 16 years old, he was older than me, he had more experience and more evil.

"I don't know if I should say it, I don't feel comfortable talking about it."

"Come on! We are very confident, I also know that you like me and I like you..."

I frowned and the alarms sounded, I couldn't believe it, he knew I liked it and was using that pretext against me. The need to shout at him that he was an idiot was so great, that I locked myself in, my mouth didn't open and my breathing got out of control. What's going on? Why did I have a smile? Oh sure, he likes me too...



"Why didn't you want to told me? Why now?"

"Because I was afraid that you would reject me"

My smile increased, my beats were like drums and I began to tremble with excitement ... He liked it! He thought it I was pretty!

"Can you send me a picture just for me?" He asked me mischievously.

"Sure! I can do it" I replied cheerfully.

I got up from my bed, stood in front of my little mirror and smiled ... I smiled as if there was no tomorrow, I was so excited and in love with the situation, I checked it and said inside "Is this really happening?" I sent and awaited ther response with great desire...

"How beautiful you are but ... Can't you go out more... sexy?"

I didn't know what I had done wrong, that is wasn't it that beautiful? The fear and desire to swallow the earth rose, I didn't know how to take sexy photos, I had never been provocative in my life ... I was always smiling, right? Didn't he like that? I grabbed my phone tightly and took a deep breath, closed my eyes to think more clearly, but the surprise was greater when the phone vibrated, it was a message from him.

"I would like to see you in underwear, you must be more beautiful that way"

There you have it friends, it was the beginning of a massive destruction, if you want to know more about this, I encourage you to vote for me and comment for the second part.

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So, now I'm in suspense... did he put you bad among your common friends? Did he manage to destroy your reputation?

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15.09.2019 22:47

Just wait for the second part :)

16.09.2019 16:18

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17.09.2019 22:38

Make it a series. Make it a series. Make it a series!!!! Please!🙌

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16.09.2019 08:53

I'm thinking about it! Thank you for encouraging me :D

16.09.2019 16:19

Hay muchos assholes por ahi afuera... Quisiera poder escribir asi de bien en ingles, lo entiendo pero mis errores gramaticales son de primer grado 😅. Esperamos tu segunda parte ya que la primera fue muy interesante.

17.09.2019 01:33

Creeme que me sigo ayudando del traductor google, pero estudié en un colegio que se hablaba dos idiomas, tengo la base pero no perfecta ;) y con respecto a los idiotas, pues hay bastantes pero aprendí mucho de esto!

17.09.2019 22:37

creo que es lo mejor que uno puede hacer con los errores, aprender de ellos... 👍

17.09.2019 23:33

"Never trust a sailur who doesn't know his purpose in life! It's noot chasin' wimins an' drinkin' ale!" 🤨-Keptin

04.10.2019 01:08

Thanks for sharing your story. I hate that Men do this. I have seen trolls on twitter and facebook hassling my female friends. I hope your story helps others while building your confidence too. Blessings your way from Canada

31.10.2019 02:10