Thousands of Tons of space junk from useless satellites floating in Space, Know how to remove!

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The Space Junk

Human spread junk everywhere and this is no doubt what they did to space at present.
The satellite race has increased the satellite's junk in space. Hundreds of satellites are moving around as junk, if the equipment added by astronauts is added to them, the number will be in lakhs, which is a huge threat to the active satellite.

A Big threat to International Space Station

Thousands of satellites are orbiting the space today due to mystery solving and satellite information from the infinite depths of the universe. According to an estimate, 34 thousand objects of more than 10cm are rotating in the earth's orbit, Which can become a threat to the International Space Station including other equipment . At this time, biggest challenge for scientists all over the world is how to remove 9 thousand tons of waste or junk from space.

Space Junk data as per the National Geographic

  • It is estimated that around 34 thousand dead objects are larger than 10 inches in the Earth's orbit.
  • 5 lakhs passive objects are moving smaller than 4 inches
  • 75 Ton Estimated ton weight are these objects
  • 1957 Active satellite are currently in space

Attempts to deal with the junk

  1. A European Agency will search for debris in orbit from 800 to 1000 kilometers above the Earth through the de-orbit mission. After this, they will be assembled with trap, harpoons and robotic instruments.
  2. The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency has proposed the use of an electrodynamic tether, which will slow the speed of space debris and bring it closer to Earth and then burn it down.
  3. This idea is quite mythological. It will have a network of nano-satellites in which a 3 km long electric powered tap will discover the ojects and will bring it into the net.
  4. Swiss Jumbo Jet will take passive objects out of orbit through Clean Space One technology.

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