Mr. Piggle-Wiggle

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aww... that's so cute :D

so, your daughter actually put those eyes on that fluff ball thing? or did the thing come with the eyes?

Till someone thought
of jazzing me up

Sure sounds like it's improvised, but maybe that was just for poetic reasons ?!?

either way... thanks for posting these cute #googlyeyes

13.09.2019 19:05

My daughter added the #googlyeyes herself. It was just a plain and simple fur ball when she got that. She thought it would be cuter with the eyes. LOL! ^_^

13.09.2019 19:09

Which it definitely is :D


13.09.2019 19:29

Welcome iamcystals daughter , furball and @iamcrystalto the glory life of googlyeyes and planet googly we hope you enter every week for the great prizes and the fun

13.09.2019 20:04