Batanes Vlog #12 (Capturing the long boat ride to Itbayat Island)

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04.11.2019 15:20

Hope you enjoy that time

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04.11.2019 15:40

I liked it better when we got off the boat. 😄😄 But we had a great time in Itbayat Island 😉👍 thanks for stopping by 🙂

04.11.2019 16:10

Some people love boats and some people hate them. I wonder why that is. It's not like that with walking is it! :P

04.11.2019 16:01

No I think not. There's a fun part to riding a boat. But when it takes too long and it's a small boat, I don't believe a lot of people like that at all. Thanks for visiting! 🙂🙂

04.11.2019 16:05