A Break for Us All

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Well hello busybee and new Steemterminal friend. I have the weekend of and i am in pyjama’s steeming in the livingroom while it rains. And i love it blog to you soon

07.09.2019 07:30

Oo yes, a good break is always good :) For me, I will get the house chores out of the way first, and then we can have a break :) Happy weekend!

07.09.2019 08:30

Working round the clock on Steemit is the bomb.

Am here with the weekends freewrite prompt.

For singles who want to mingle
Do have a wonderful weekend.
07.09.2019 19:02

Wow you keep busy @iamraincrystal, and yeah I agree it can be hard sometimes to take a break, but we all need them once in a while, it's awesome.

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07.09.2019 20:09

Six day work weeks are challenging. I'm happy you had a weekend getaway. I agree balance is necessary.

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07.09.2019 21:55