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Recently we have been hearing about "DeFi" a lot. Many people get profit with this DeFi. But what exactly is DeFi? To make it simple DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance is the merger of traditional bank services with decentralized technologies such as blockchain. Usually in this ecosystem consists of several applications which are usually based on Ethereum. In this ecosystem, there are several features such as savings and checking accounts, loans, asset trading, insurance, and many others. These features allow people to maximize their profit in the cryptocurrency market.

DeFi is an evolution of blockchain technology. DeFi makes blockchain features more applicable to complex financial cases. DeFi extends the functionality of the blockchain and makes it even better. That is why DeFi has caught the eye of crypto enthusiasts and is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the cryptocurrency market.

The future of Decentralization
The development of the DeFi sector in the cryptocurrency market starting to attract many people to be able to implement this DeFi protocol on their platforms, one of which is DeFiXy.

DeFiXy is an amazon-like platform for Crypto Assets and products. This platform will bridge the gap between fiat and crypto and make it better for users. DeFiXy will solve some problems regarding fiat and crypto, for example, such as the difficulty of users who do not have crypto knowledge to explore crypto and the features available in it.

The DeFiXy platform will be a user-friendly and user-friendly P2P exchange that supports the majority of assets and fiat and provides financial services that users can rely on. Not only that, DeFiXy will empower sellers and buyers with a P2P Market that provides various solutions for users who have no prior crypto experience.

All the features and experiences provided by DeFiXy will be decentralized and prioritize the comfort and experience of the user. So that DeFiXy can provide a better crypto experience to technical and even non-technical users.

DeFiXy Features:

P2P market place (exchange): Where individuals can trade crypto-assets in a decentralized manner. The main feature of the P2P market-place are as follows:


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Simplifying Complexity
DeFiXy will solve these problems by providing crypto services that even newcomers can understand and use easily. The DeFiXy protocol will provide several features such as;

P2P Marketplace (exchange): Allows users to carry out transaction activities such as buying and selling. Users with staked assets can take advantage of this platform to create small kiosks to display their products or services.

DeFi services: DeFiXy provides DeFi solutions such as lending and borrowing. With this, users can become borrowers or lenders.

Debit card integration: This feature allows people to use crypto like any other debit card.

Dynamic Staking: A stake feature that allows users to stake and get rewards according to their contribution.

The Solution - DeFi
DeFiXy ensures that users get the best DeFi service. Therefore DeFiXy intends to ensure that depositors of funds enjoy great and the borrowers don't pay more than what they would in traditional banking systems. Therefore DeFiXy presents the DeFiSystem Dual-rewards, a system that ensures that both categories of users enjoy competitive rates.


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DeFiXy Protocol Token
DeFiXy provides a token which is named DFX token. It is a utility token whose functionality is heavily dependent on its native token. DeFiXy will issue a supply of 100,000,000 (100 million) tokens. The following is information from the DFX token;

Token Name: DeFiXy

Token Ticker: DFX

Token Type: ERC20

Decimals: 18

Token Contract: 0x81bc8af0f2cbd17f97306cbe7bea5a5927a0646a

āœØIn ConclusionāœØ
DeFi is a movement that is starting to oxygenate the cryptocurrency market. DeFi allows people to run traditional financial instruments on decentralized networks like Ethereum. This is a protocol that is very popular with Crypto fans right now. DeFiXy with its various features and DeFi solutions wants to present an `` Amazon-like Marketplace for Crypto-Assets '' platform that allows people to be able to connect with the benefits of crypto easily and conveniently.
DeFi services:
DeFiXy protocol oļ¬€ers DeFi services such as lending and borrowing. Users can take out collaterized loans with competitive interest rates. The rates for borrowers and lenders are determined by the users collateral blend ratio (Ī²r).

Since the loans oļ¬€ered do not have maturity period, there are no late payments but the borrower can setup a periodic payment that are deducted automatically in any of the supported assets or ļ¬ats as speciļ¬ed by the borrower.

Similarly, a lender can lend asset on a ļ¬‚ex period lending mode or on a ļ¬xed period lending mode. With the latter oļ¬€ering a better interest rate.

  1. DebitCard Integration:

After meeting the regulatory requirement of target regions,

DeFiXy protocol will integrate card payment solutions which will allow users to directly spend crypto assets.

DeFiXy protocol will implement all the said features with the average individual with little to no blockchain understanding in mind. The platform will integrate user interface that are highly user-friendly. Individuals will be able to interact with the platform in a smooth and seamless manner, even those that are new to the space.

āœ“ DeFiXy Protocol is an amazon-like platform for Crypto Assets and productsāœ“

āœ“ DeFiXy protocol provides a user-friendly P2P exchange.āœ“

āœ“DeFiXy is a bridge between Fiat-driven Economies and the Crypto Spaceāœ“

āœ“DeFiXy provides DeFi features and solutions that users can use easily.āœ“

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