SteemIndian | An initiative to support Indian steemians.

Hey steemians,
Today I am gonna introduce about a new community i.e. SteemIndian


Steem is hard to start for new steemians. So, @hungryharish with his team started a project named SteemIndian.
The main objective to start this project was to curate Indian content creators and other creators specials newbies.

Main Objectives

  • Quality content curation for Indian and other steem newbies.
  • Run Contests to help them grow their account.
  • Flagging Abuse.

How will we find your content

  • To help us find your quality content use #steemindian tag in your posts.
  • Additionally you can drop your post link in our discord channel.

    How can you join us!

  • To support Indian steemians on community to grow. Here is our discord link
  • You can also join us on telegram

Comments 3

A nice work from @hungryharish and team

22.09.2019 23:05

Thank you bro

24.09.2019 03:30

If you like to join the contest,please follow @adityajainxds for daily updates.

Special Thanks to @majes.tytyty

We are pleased to announce that we have received a delegation of 500 SP from @majes.tytyty,Without his support, encouragement, and delegation, we would not have been able to revitalize this project.

Request you to please Upvote , Follow , Resteem @majes.tytyty.

23.09.2019 04:25