SBI #020: Comment to get a chance to win a SBI share


Hello Everyone!

I am back again with the 17th edition of SBI contest

So to enter this contest all that you need to do is just make a comment whatever you want with your username. Additionally, you can tag someone who might be interested in the contest.

We'll be following Contest Kings rules in the giveaways

  • No Upvote
  • No Resteem
  • No Follow

Additionally rules you need to follow for the contest

  • steem username on which you need the rewards to be sent
  • Tag your friends who might be interested in the giveaway (optional).
  • The winner will be announced after post payout.

And now the time for winner for last week Contests...

SBI/SM Contest #015

In this contest, you need to share one of the latest battles you WON on splinterlands and you can get a chance to win SBI or one of the SM cards listed.
By the way, the contest was really great and thanks for all for this support
We got 9 entries form
@gamemods | @darthgexe | @gillianpearce | @che-shyr | @roshne | @muscara | @chireerocks | @mmunited | @aggamun
Prize sent -- 2 x Rexxie + 1 x Sea Monster.

And the winner is @gamemods


SBI #016

In this contest all that you need to do is just make a comment whatever you want with your username
We got 22 entries from
@orjantomarcelo | @muaznotfi | @silent678 | @onebiz | @erixink | @sacra97 | @kirstin | @barmbo | @darthgexe | @antoniarhuiz | @qwerrie | @roshne | @elgranpoeta | @acido1120 | @chris94 | @davidesimoncini | @gamemods | @fredkese | @certain | @wongbraling | @alokkumar121 | @cruis

Prize sent - 1SBI

And the winner is @erixink


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Join Us Here -> Discord channel | Telegram Channel

Also, I created an invite list for this contest, if you don't want to be included in that list please let me know via comment. Thanks
@acido1120, @aggamun, @aloha-creations, @alokkumar121, @antoniarhuiz, @apenny, @bitandi, @barmbo, @cadawg, @certain, @chris94, @cryptof, @cruis, @darthgexe, @davidesimoncini, @definethedollar, @elbrava, @elgranpoeta, @erixink, @fredkese, @flxlove, @gamemods, @gillianpearce, @giocondina, @jmehta, @johndoer123, @kirstin, @mimismartypants, @mmunited, @monsterbuster, @muscara, @mrnightmare89, @olivia08, @onestopfacts, @onebiz, @qwerrie, @rachaeldwatson, @roshne, @sacra97, @simonjay, @wakeupkitty, @wongbraling, @zyzzyva

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I join! @davidesimoncini

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08.10.2019 14:12

@wongbraling enter me ;)

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08.10.2019 14:15

thanks and good luck...
you are in....!

08.10.2019 14:16


08.10.2019 14:18

you are welcome...!

08.10.2019 14:20

Woot! Enter rachaeldwatson please and thanks!😍

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08.10.2019 14:51



08.10.2019 15:40



08.10.2019 16:01

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08.10.2019 16:01

@onebiz on 🔛

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08.10.2019 17:50

Tagging @paajohnny

08.10.2019 18:09
08.10.2019 21:19

@olivia08 come over here. I know the @steemcleaners say you are a plagiarist, ID thief and spammer but @iampolite might make your birthday a better one after all. 💕

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09.10.2019 12:13

thanks mate

09.10.2019 13:28

I am just trying and hoping that you are a coder and know react. I really need some help with a few tasks on marlians and i am just hoping. I saw your name and felt you can code.

09.10.2019 14:01

@surpassinggoogle by the way, yeah I know how to react too.

presently I am so much busy in my college semester, but yeah I would love to help you if I can..
Please let me know what u want...
think we should discuss over here in discord...iamarpit#3782

09.10.2019 17:07

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12.10.2019 01:45

@joshmackwilliams I would like to enter

12.10.2019 15:21

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15.10.2019 14:10

flagged for bid bot abuse , @steemflagrewards
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my 2% downvote just is a summons without punish.

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