Get Ready for Web Development Blogs soon!

Hey steemians,
It's polite here, I am UG medical student and a full stack developer.
I am from India and I like reading, cricket and coding and also I just love biology.

Presently my semester is over and I have nothing much to do right now so I decided to make some web Development tutorial mostly front-end but yeah I'll go for back-end also if I got some time.

Hope you'll like my tutorials!

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26.08.2019 09:04

Hi @iampolite

This sounds very exciting, what sort of development tutorials, there might be value in making some tools for steemit?

Many thanks and glad to have valuable people like yourself on the blockchain.

P.S. We are following you for updates.

26.08.2019 10:28

thanks @moonlightmining.
I'll start from the beginning like there might b some people who are interested in learning but may be they don't know the basics so, I'll just start from HTML, then CSS, then we'll go for JS and lastly php.

After all this I'm gonna start my next session specially for js libraries starting from jQuery, react may be I'll be done by this time.
or if not then I'll go for frameworks like angular, vue.

well in between these I'll host hundreds of contests related to these tutorials, memes, and all lots of other topics. Just tryin' to get some support in able to host all these things.

26.08.2019 10:39

This is great news!
We are very interested in training, educating and empowering others.
Maybe we can help each other and work towards a common interest of education.

We are following you.
Keep up this great concept @iampolite

26.08.2019 11:51

Come in @iampolite, do you read us?
Hope all is well where ever you are on the earth.

Hows the progress on this teaching going?

05.03.2020 14:30

i am good mate thanks @moonlightmining.
i am from India.

actually, due to the tron-steemit thing and vocational college i paused. but I will continue soon as the thing will stable on steem.

05.03.2020 14:40