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Greetings steemians,
I am gonna start a new contest named AP.
This will be a series of contests of around 80-100 contests and are solely related to my coding blogs which I am going to post soon. (Refer THIS post).


The rules are quite simple all what you need to do is -

  • Just comment with the right answer and the most explanatory answer will be the winner.
  • In case of more than one winner. I'll do a draw and and pick 1-3 winner as per the condition.
  • contest will close in 72 hours.
  • Prize will distributed within 24 hours of the winner announcement post.

I wanna support your contest!

  • Vote the contest
  • Resteem my contest.
  • Delegate
  • If you have some extra steem you can also host a contest. Please send me at least 0.5 steem with a memo with your username and #SUPPORTAP.

For Resteemers

As I said there is something cool coming out resteemers. so, here it is-

  • From now there'll be a separate reward pool for those who will resteem this and all my the upcoming posts.
  • Rewards will be sent to your wallet within 72 hours of winners announcement post.

Thank You

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