Are you in for the money or tech, Netbox Global gives you both


The cryptocurrency bubble of 2017 was one of the largest and most recent hypes to occur to the history of internet bubbles. Many projects came along with the aim of redefining how we did things already in the cryptospace but then things changed and people were using that as avenues for defrauding others and stuff. However, there was one thing that seems to have remained even amidst the bubble- the question of whether people were trooping into the space because of the money or the technology behind.

The truth apparently is that people were in for both, and the companies that sought to maintain people’s interest in both the blockchain technology and the financial aspects have thrived. This could be attributed to the fact that everybody wants where it is income lucrative. Netbox, one of these amazing projects that withstood the apocalypse provides both things you need, the awesome tech and the lucrative income generation. Well, that is the best that anyone in the space could ever wish for. There is however a remedy to that. What do you think about a platform that seeks to give you both at your convenience?



Netbox Global offers its users monetization of what they have already been doing on day to day basis. To that effect, it has generated the idea of monetizing browsing. So as I said, Netbox gives you the tech (which in itself is money) and then the complementary money aspects which shall be discussed latter. The general tech is that, browse and maintain the system (the blockchain, the tech) and get rewarded. Internet browsing has over the course of digital history developed into various forms but blockchain technology has given a whole new perspective to internet browsing and that is what Netbox offers to you.

Earning with NetboxGlobal

The ways to earn with Netbox are of various forms, and they span from simply browsing to hosting nodes.

Sign up/Referral- signing up to the currently available PC version of the browser gets you an instant reward of 20 Netbox Coins and then when you refer people you get additional netbox coins for every eligible referral. This is just one basic and simplest way to earn Netbox Coins.

Browsing/ Being online- This on the other is also easy to do. Come to think o it, who does not browse in this modern day? So how about you do what you have been doing everyday but for money this time? Sounds good right? That I what Netbox seeks to achieve. The online nodes maintaining the network or chain get rewarded for the time of being online.

Running a node- As stated earlier, running a node helps to maintain the blockchain as you validate transactions or blocks and then keep a record of it. This can be achieved in two ways- ordinary nodes (which is any independent browser on the net6work) and masternodes (which requires a server with a fixed IP).

Trading- You can do exchange trading on the multi crypto wallet and earn profits as you monitor the general market and make your predictions of the market.

Staking- You can dedicate some coins or tokens to help sustain the system and then get rewarded. With this, each browser that verifies the transaction/ block with a certain amount of Netbox coins and hence get rewarded in proportion to the amount of currency used as a guarantee.


In conclusion, it can be said that Netbox seeks to offer crypto enthusiasts and investors a variety of ways to earn no matter their experience in the crypto market, their richness or money they have already as well as their geographical location. In simple terms, whoever you are and wherever or whatever you do or have, you can make money with Netbox since at least one of the ways to earn will suite you.

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