Hello fellows Steemians good to be back here with you guys, today is going to be my first time participating in the diary Game season 3 which is the neverending season. I miss the diary game and so glad am back on.



Today is about my 1st day in the month of November and I'm going to be writing about the very good start of the month. This is how it went with me so stay tuned while I take you along.


20201102_120548.jpgAbout Leaving For Mass

I had woke up very early, did my morning devotion briefly and then took my time to do some laundry. After the laundry I had to clean my room and then prepare for 9 a.m. mass.

20201102_120624.jpgI And Jazzy Playing

After some couple of hours at mass I got back home and was very hungry but before then I took a couple of pictures of myself and with my dog as you can see above. After that I had my lunch which was yummy and then had to take a very long nap which lasted for about 4 hours.



During my nap I got a phone call that made me wake up reminding me of a meeting I had for 1600CAT. I had to prepare and go for the meeting which was about the Inksnation Pinkoin Business I told you guys about some time back.

20201102_122006.jpgInksnation Pinkoin

The meeting lasted for about an hour and we got informations and update concerning the pinkoin business and from there I left for home.



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Not long after I got home I had to head back out again around 7pm to attend my friend's fiance's birthday party which is just within my Estate. t was fun while it lasted with enough foor and drinks.

After the party was over I went back home had dinner and then made my steemit City coordinator(SCC) report for the week and when I was done I posted it and went to bed.


I have two important informations to share with Nigerians, one is about registering your business name for free with Coorperate Affairs Commision(CAC) and the other one is to apply for Government Grant. To apply for the company name registration Check Here. You should then Follow Guidelines Here To Register. If you dont fine your state there it means it has closed in your state so font border registering. To register for the Government Grant Check Here.

Goodluck My Fello Nigerian steemians and thanks for stopping by to read my Diary.

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@iamlynxie, nice diary so far. Happy new month from this end. I can see you entered this month with whole lots of joy.
Your day was basically stress free. Your dog looks playful, I hope it doesn't look for trouble, because some dogs can be troublesome.
Thanks for the information your shared, it ais useful one.



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Thanks to you @rex-sumon and @steemcurator03 for adding me to the your Curation List for 500SP Minnowsupport Program.

I would make sure to support others in the Newcomers Community by commenting and upvoting their post.

Thank you.

twopercent #nigeria

03.11.2020 21:59

You really had a great day here..
About the nap, did you see angels??

onepercent #nigeria

03.11.2020 21:07

I saw steem rise to $98 each.

03.11.2020 21:53

This dream of yours must come to pass oooo

04.11.2020 09:13


04.11.2020 10:35

It's good to have you back in the diary game @iamlynxie. Happy new month and success with all your goals for the month.keep feed us with more interesting diaries. Thanks for sharing.

twopercent #cameroon

05.11.2020 20:48

Thanks for the welcome @tenguhatanga, I am glad to be back on for real. Enjoy the new month as well and yes I'll ensure that by Diary is updated.

twopercent #nigeria

05.11.2020 23:15

Im waiting for those exciting diaries. So keep them coming.

twopercent #cameroon

06.11.2020 12:26