THE DIARY GAME SEASON 3 - Waiting For Amazon To Approve The Ebook Sales -100% Power up - BY @iamlynxie - 18/02/2021


Hello Steeming buddies, hope y'all doing just fine? I want to walk you though my thursday diary so stay tuned.


My Wednesday night was kinda cold and enjoyable that I loterally struggled to get up and face the day's task.

On My Way Out Around Kpeyegyi
What3words Location

When I woke up I had my morning prayers and hurriedly showered then took breakfast before heading out to beat traffic that would increase with time. The weather was windy and cool while I going to continue my training on ebooks. When I got there I had to wait for here because she went to pick up a parcel from the park, after about 25mins she arrived so we started from were we stopped with the training.



Higher Podium For Athletes

The picture above is the soft copy of the book cover to the book I was working on, the book "Higher Podium" was launched in September last year and so there is need to have the electronic version so that more people can access it online.

Screenshot Of Amozon Account

This other picture is a screenshot of amazon asking me to wait for 72hrs for the book to be available for purchase on amazon. Seeing that relating and I knew I was a step ahead of were I was. When we finished for that day I went back home and had a nap. The nap took me into the evening because I was so tired and needed the rest.



In the evening I woke up to see that darkness had come already, I was amazed and so hungry that I rushed to fix myself a plate of peppered noodles.


After eating noodles, I rested a little the attended to steemit Lud Report, replied messages and I took the above picture as spotlight for Thursdays LiD Report. 24/7 is a supplement by Alliance In Motion Global and is good for various health challenges. I take that sometimes to keep fit and healthy. In no due time I felt sleepy and went back to sleep, that was all for my Thursday guys.



I want to believe that you enjoyed reading through my diary, I would definately carry you along on my next one. Thanks for your time.




Warm Regards,


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Nice post.

21.02.2021 13:14

Hi @iamlynxie,
E-book is the soul of book publishing for the future.It is clear that men and women of this moment have much 'online-presence' and as such would prefer to read books online as against the hardcopies.Accept my encouragement.

Supplements are good as they help to compliment certain nutrients that we barely consume in our day to day eating.

Thank you for sharing your diary.


onepercent #nigeria

21.02.2021 14:47

@iamlynxie, that's a nice one there. I had also loved to have an ebook training,but yet to meet a capable hand to put me through.
Meanwhile, your day was worth it. I can say you actually achieved a lot on that day.
Thanks for sharing.
Best regards

21.02.2021 18:07