THE DIARY GAME SEASON 3 - Sunday Chills -100% Power up - BY @iamlynxie - 03/01/2021


Warm greetings from this end of the globe guys, hope you been having fun and resting at the same time? It's the first sunday of the month and this is my diary.


I slept well through the night and woke up to doing sanitation in the house. The weather was hot and I think the rain might start early this year.


My dad amd mum ain't feeling strong so I was home with them. Made breakfast and got fruits for their consumption. After a while, I did my diary for saturday and had a guest. My aunty whom I was planning to visit later that evening came visiting us which was cool.



Logistics Garden
What3words Location

By noon I was tired of being at home so I went out to sit in a garden with my laptop were I was busy working on an ebook. I have never written an ebook before so this is my first experience.

Screenshot Of Ebook I Bought

This is an ebook I bought with steem that I cashed out 2 months ago, it is a detailed document of how to write an ebook so am depending on that to make mine. After a while, I went back home to eat and rest.



Dabiyi Hotel
What3words Location

In the evening I was watching a movie then later got a call from a friend who needed a job. I met with her and took her to meet the owner of Dabiyi Hotel who needed a cook. They spoke and finally concluded, hopefully she would start working there tomorrow.

I & Kelvin
What3words Location

Ice & Bossman

From there I went to meet my friends whom were hanging out. Meet Ice, Kelvin & Bossman, they are friends and brothers to me. We live in same estate, Ice is into music and designs, Kelvin is into interior designs while Bossman is into Real Estate.

We spent time over couple of drinks, after a while I went back home to have dinner and went to bed after a while of waiting for the meal to settle in.



This is how my sunday was spent, I didn't go to church h as planned but I did pray at home. Thanks for your time in reading through, see you guys in my next diary.


Warm Regards,
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Thanks @iamlynxie for getting that lady a job, please still follow up, to make sure that she gets it. It is hard for a guy but harder for women, so any help anyone can render to a lady or a guy it makes a lot sense.

04.01.2021 11:38

Yes I definately would follow up on that, jobs ain't easy to get this days and I hope she takes it seriously. She has been offered the job but she said she needs to consider some things and get back to the woman later today.

Thank you for your concern @cryptocheta.

twopercent #nigeria

04.01.2021 13:36

My dad amd mum ain't feeling strong so I was home with them.

Not many are as nice as you.
In Malaysia, it becomes a problem when the parents need to go to the hospital or such when the sons or daughters live far away. Usually, them with high career. There are some who are nice that hired a nurse to take care of their parents (cause they have more than enough money to spend) while they work but not many.

I'm so grateful for you to be with your parents when they are not well. We donet know when will be last time we get to see them.

May your parents get well soon. ❤️

04.01.2021 11:50

Thank you @sarahraudhah, I have to do what I have to do since I am opportuned to do so. Thanks for your time and prayers, they would get well Insha Allah, Ameen.

twopercent #nigeria

04.01.2021 13:32


05.01.2021 14:00