THE DIARY GAME SEASON 3 - Steemalive Celebrating Victory -100% Power up - BY @iamlynxie - 02/12/2020


Top of the day yallbgreat Steemians from in every part of the world, hope ya'll steeming hot as always. Great day for me, so I wanted to share it.


I woke still excited about tron partnering with steemit and how tron has officially become part of what we earn while blogging.

Happy Me

I did some chores, repaired a broken part of the kitchen cabinet then had breakfast.

Screenshot Of My Steemit Wallet

I had to later login to my Wallet and view the tron on it. Now I believe these is a better point to use in promoting steemit to more people because it is a plus, I was working from home though.



Alibert Furnitures
Whats3word Location

Later in the day by 1pm, I got a call from my senior friends by to meet him. We both went shop for funitires he needs to do some upgrades in his house.

We later got a set of cushion there that he likes at Alibert Furnitures. While we were there, I took that opportunity to do survey on bean bed. We later hung out before I left for home.

Chilsac Bean Bag

We we was hanging out and he was busy playing catch up with an old friend of his, I did this design above. What do you think of it?



Inksnation Pinkoin Debit Card

In the evening I collected someone's pinkoin card from inksnation merchants around my estate. The best part of the evening was having a great conversation with steemalive members. We celebrated the partnership of tron with steem and also to celebrated out victory of the last spudsteem.

Screenshot Of @steemalive whatsapp Conversation

The likes of our country coordinator @focusnow, @talktofaith, @chizikky187, @ngoenyi, @tmighty and a few others made the @steemalive whatsapp group fun for me. To that regards, I say a big thank you to my Steemalive Family.



These is my diary for 2nd, I believe this new month will favor us all for sure. Thanks for reading through my diary, stay blessed y'all Steemians.

Special Mentions


Warm Regards,
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@iamlynxie, seriously tron partnership with steem is worth celebrating. You jad a nice day anyway.
I hope the furnitures are actually beautiful.
You would have shown us in a picture the set you guys got.
Meanwhile, it's nice sharing your diary with us. I always enjoy reading your diary.
Best regards



07.12.2020 15:45

Yes the furniture is beautiful and truth is it skipped my mind to take pictures of it as I was engrossed with several designs.

Thanks for reading through @talktofaith.

twopercent #nigeria

07.12.2020 21:21

Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

And thank you for setting your post to 100% Powerup.

Keep following @steemitblog for the latest updates.

The Steemit Team

07.12.2020 16:37

Thank you @steemcurator02 for the comment and upvote.

I would keep doing my best in promoting steem.

twopercent #nigeria

07.12.2020 21:16

This is a well detailed diary

07.12.2020 20:33

Thank you.

07.12.2020 21:00

Am mostly glad and excited about the Tron and Steemit Integration we move together

07.12.2020 20:35

Its good to know you are glad about it, thanks for reading through @ceendy20.

twopercent #nigeria

07.12.2020 21:00