THE DIARY GAME SEASON 3 - Senset Pics Was A Relief -100% Power up - BY @iamlynxie - 4/11/2020

Hello Steemians I suppose you're doing well today, I'm back again with my Diary so stop what you doing and stay tuned.

Dear Diary,
It feels good to be back here once more with my dairy for the day. my day started off well right from sunrise, so this is it.


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As soon as I woke up I had to freshen up, had breakfast and headed out to take one of my friend who is an Interior Decorator to meet a client that needed his services.

Be showed the client is catalog while describing more and after a while of deliberation, they came to an agreement of what should be done. In the process, I got an information from my Sister Dorcas about a job vacancy and immediately decided to give it out to a lady who called me few days ago to ask me if I have any job opening/opportunity for her to occupy.



Later at noon that day I had to go out and do some deliveries in the heart of Abuja City. when I was done I headed back home and decided to stop by a hotel to relax my nerves.

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I placed my order, took out my laptop and went online to do some steemit related work. At a point in tim in life, you realise that you can't singke single handedly decide to kill yourself😜😜😜.

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As time went by and it was almost sunset, I decided to take good pictures from a very nice view not far from where I was sitting.



20201104_225403.gifStay Lit Steemians

After some time chilling out, I went back home to have dinner, had a cool shower then went online to learn how to make Gif with the app referred to me by @mesonia. After a while I did my LiD report for the night and called it a day.

Gracias Steemians for the time spent on my diary. Thanks to you @steemitblog for the crafty diary contest, and to you @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 your efforts in making the steemit ecosystem a better place is surely noted. Bless up y'all.

Warm Regards,
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Hi @iamlynxie you had a beautiful day.I love the coffee was cool.

You formatted your post so well.I am looking forward to reading more diaries from you.


onepercent #nigeria

05.11.2020 20:38

Yes it was a beautiful day and thanks for the compliments @samuel20, I hope to deliver with better contents soon.

twopercent #nigeria

05.11.2020 23:20

@iamlynxie, your day was cool.
I can imagine the feeling, most times it's good to give yourself some good treats. You deserve it.
Nice sharing your diary with us.
Best regards from @talktofaith



05.11.2020 21:18

Yes very true, no one can take care of you like you when it comes to a TREAT @talktofaith.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the rest of your day.

twopercent #nigeria

05.11.2020 23:10

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06.11.2020 04:17

Thanks for the upvoted @rex-sumon and @steemcurator03 and also for adding me to the 500SP Minnowsupport Program.

I would ensure to keep supporting new comers.

twopercent #nigeria

06.11.2020 07:31