THE DIARY GAME SEASON 3 - Inksnation Sales & Reunion -100% Power up - BY @iamlynxie - 15/12/2021


Good day y'all Steemians, I am in the hope that we all doing just fine today yeah.. Myy diary was meant for shopping so sit back and read throgh.


I had a great but short night as I got up early to prepare for Inksnation Sales that started the previous day.

Humble Me

Few day before I got some money in the spendable balance of my Inksnation account so I and my family were to go shopping with it and also to sell some household utensils there. When we got there the garden was filled with registered members that want to shop as well, it was not organized so too much time was spent giving people numbers.

If you are not yet registered with inknation I urge you to do so because it is real and here to change lives. See you guys later with more reports from me, steemit to the moon and back guys.



By afternoon the weather was already hot with even more people than it was in the morning. So the inksnation shopping was to no avail due to so much crowd and the fear of hoodlums disrupting the sales, this is due to informations that came in concerning the previous day sales in Benue state.

Heritage Garden
W3W Location

We noticed it was just going to be a wasted day so Iand my family left for home before traffic would start building up on out route. Before we left, I bought a Marker and inscribed short adverts on some walls around the garden that says "Write $ Post To Earn Money".

Promoting steemit is an everyday and every moment thing for me mow, sorry I was so carried away to take pictures of those.

Keke Thrillz

When I got home, I met Ebuka my friend after over a year of not seeing ourselves so I didn't border entering the house as we had a lot of catching up to do. We boarded a Tricycle and went to sit out somewhere.



Royal Flex Lounge
W3W Location

It was fun meeting Ebuka again as we talked about business and family. Nothing can compare to family you know. Ebuka trades Forex and we were to work together in 2018 but he travelled by then.

Big Biters

They couldn't hol'up for a second as they pounced on the fish barbeque as soon as it was served.

Mr Eric

My friend is starring like he wants to bite y'all viewers for trying to interfere with his fish, lol. We really stayed out for long and left for our various homes by 9pm, while at home I went straight into the shower, gave my younger ones what I got them and then retire to bed for the day.



It was a great day for me, despite the pinkoin trying to spoil my day the love of friends still made me happy for the rest of the day.. Thank you for reading through my diary y'all, enjoy the rest of your day.


Warm Regards,
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Comments 19

It was actually a great day for you. And meeting with loved ones is an awesome experience,you just know you have a lot of catching up to do. Thanks for sharing with us

06.01.2021 14:54

Yes yime out with friends was really fun I enjoyed every bit of it, thanks for reading through @ceendy20.

twopercent #nigeria

07.01.2021 08:23

Am also i verified member of inksnation, but i don't really know how it works.

06.01.2021 15:00

How long have you registered? All you need do is to wait and be earning 130k per month.

twopercent #nigeria

07.01.2021 08:19

I really don't know how the inksnation stuff works at all and I've been seeing lots about it around me though.

06.01.2021 15:09

All you need do is pay yo register and wait for 3 months to start earning 120,000 naira every month.

Thanks for reading through @tezzmax.

07.01.2021 08:18

You had a great day there @iamlynxie. Good you had a great time with your friend. And What's about inksnation?

06.01.2021 15:41

Yes it was a great time out with friends. Inksnation is a support program that helps Nigerians earn salaries monthly through inknation pinkoin. It is an electronic token generated to eradicate poverty among Nigerians and you register to be a member.

Thanks for ready through @afunkycares.

twopercent #nigeria

07.01.2021 08:11

You had a great day that very day bro. You going out with family and friends is cool.

I hope inksnation comes alive when it promises. UDI is working ver hard to make it work but the government of this country is not helping matters but I am sure inks will conquer.

06.01.2021 17:57

Yes time with family and friends is always fun. No matter what the government does, I believe God will fight the battle and make Inksnation stay for good. Thanks for reading through @tmighty.

twopercent #nigeria

07.01.2021 08:03

You had a great day dear ,keep posting usefu content ,please give me food nah😁

06.01.2021 20:34

Yeah great day it was, oya come and take food biko because I know that you @solar-star would love good food. Thanks for reading through.

twopercent #nigeria

07.01.2021 07:57

Inknation seems to have gained ground so much in Nigeria. It's good as it's helping the citizens sell their items. Your day was great especially meeting with your friend. Thanks for sharing your day

twopercent #cameroon

06.01.2021 22:35

Yeah the government is fighting tooth and nail to stop Inksnation from helping Nigerian citizens but I know that God would fight that battle. I was also excited meeting with friends, thanks for reading through @tenguhatanga

twopercent #nigeria

07.01.2021 07:54

We pray its not stopped because from the way I see so many people love it. The government sometimes are just disturbing. All shall be well

twopercent #cameroon

07.01.2021 14:15

I still haven't received a dime from my spendable balance on Inksnation. Maybe you need to show me how.

Your friend really looked like someone trying to defend his fish. I suspect you are the one he's trying to obstruct in case. Lol

Great day you had brother. One love from ckole the laughing gas.

06.01.2021 23:05

Bro my spendable is still there, I would contact the merchant around me to get updates about that.

My cunning friends that won't even give chance to any intruder when it comes to fish or meat, no go there oh lol.

Thanks for checking in buddy, great day for you @ckole.

twopercent #nigeria

07.01.2021 07:52

Alright, bro. Much love from my end.

07.01.2021 13:00

Bless up gee.

07.01.2021 14:00