THE DIARY GAME SEASON 3 - Home All Day -100% Power up - BY @iamlynxie - 26/01/2021


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Hello and top of the day to you all, I am certain that y'all doing just fine and steeming hot. I would take you through my diary for the day so enjoy.



My previous night was short but restful and I woke up straight away to take care of chores at home. My room needed attention so I cleaned it up and later did a light laundry.

After that I had breakfast and was home trying to attent to a steemit task since I have been missing a lot. I had an appointment to meet a lady who is into some sort of skill trainings to discuss about her training people but it was to no avail.



After a while of sitting at home and catching up with things I have missed online, I decided to go shave up.

@iamlynxie Having A Haircut
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But before going out to shave, I had to fix the kitchen cabinet with a few materials I got for that. I then went for a clean shave since I was looking unkept.

Spotlight On Royal Bottle Water
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After the shave I walked into Logistics hotel to relax and enjoy the cool breeze from the shades of the trees. While I was there I took the picture above. I love the picture so well because of the clear reflection of the trees right in the drop of water I captured in the picture. Cute right? I then went back home to shower, I later had lunch and took care of a task from my Aunty.




In the evening I was still at home, my kid sister made beans and sweet potato porridge and that was what Iwas craving. I ate some of it to my satisfaction, relaxed to watch a movie. I was with Rubbie watching watching movies together and playing with her till after about 2hrs, I found myself going for a second plate of the meal and at that point Iknew my appetite was beyong 100%. I actually at for a third time before going to bed and that was it for the day.



And that was how my tuesday was spent, it was a day for me to rest and eat. Thanks to you @vvarishayy for the sweet looking diary banner you did for me, I finally used it as seen above. May Allah in his inginite way expand your blessings farther and wider. Thanks guys for stopping by and reading my diary, see you guys in the next one..


Warm Regards,
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The hair cut is already looking good, and your Rubbie is so cute. You had a great day.

27.01.2021 04:57

It takes strength to be proud of yourself and to accept yourself when you know that you have something out the ordinary about you.
Keep up sir

27.01.2021 06:41

May Allah in his infinite way expand your blessings farther and wider.

same for you. Thank you for your kind words :)
you spent a very relaxing day, I'm having exams nowadays and spending stressful days.
that royal water bottle picture is so cool. you clicked it good.
That rubbie looks cute but I afraid of dogs XD

pakistan #onepercent

27.01.2021 15:24

May Allah grant you the knowledge to write your exams successfully, so don't stress much ok.

Yeah I am personally happy that I captured that Royal Water Bottle that way, am glad you like it.

I also hope one day you would feel free with dogs because they are lovely to be termed a man's best friend, though I can also understand from the angle of your religion if I am not mistaking.

Thanks for reading through @vvarishayy, spud4steem is awaiting your entry😁😁.

twopercent #nigeria

27.01.2021 22:50