THE DIARY GAME SEASON 3 - Fish Pond & Dried Fish -100% Power up - BY @iamlynxie - 04/01/2021


A new week in a new month that both found themselves in a new year is more or less a new opportunity, utilize it wisely.


My night was a long one so I slept quite early and like a drunk, that's due to compiled sleepless nights that I've had recently.


As at when I woke up, the weather was sunny and hot, I planned on going to my friends house as regards the dry fish activities that was postponed to this week. I did some work online, ate breakfast and took care of my steemit diary game before going out.

Ebuka & Myself



By noon I had gone to the fish pond as planned and the work there went well. Y'all meet my friend Ebuka, the crazy but forcused fellow. He trades Forex, he is crypto junkie and is into Fish Farming. Ebuka had already registered in steemit and am hoping he becomes active soonest.

What3words Location

Thats Ebuka and his fish ponds, he has 6 of which each pond is about 7ft deep and can hold up to 1000 fully grown fishes each. 5 holds them catfish while only one holds Tilapia Fish.

Dried Fish
What3words Location

Above is a picture of some of the fishes they started drying the previous day, I enjoyed every but of it and I leant how to simply extract Omega H3 natural oil from catfish. Omega H3 oil is extremely nutritious and is also used as normal oil for cooking.


my Humble Self

The experience was a great one and I urge y'all to patronize Ebuka's dried fish. It is neatly gutted, neatly dried and packed for sale.

Catfish Pond



By evening time I was home early, I decided to rest and watch TV, from 9pm I went online to check for updates and went to bed early as well. It was a long day and couldn't even eat dinner before going to bed.


Thanks to you for taking time to read this diary, I believe yours would be as intriguing when I read through the .Thank you for reading through my diary.


Warm Regards,
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Comments 6

The fish ponds are massive. Quite a lot of investment Ebuka have there. I wish to learn some business tips from him.

Quite an educative day you had too. Thanms for sharing

05.01.2021 14:10

Yes those are massive ponds, and you can learn from him when you are ready. Am most glad I learnt new stuffs as well, thanks for stopping by @exceptional20.

twopercent #nigeria

07.01.2021 09:03

This is great!
You had a great time with your friend. I enjoy catfish especially as peppersoup.
Pls, Would you mind sharing how Omega H3 oil is extracted @iamlynxie? Could be a post. I would love to learn.

05.01.2021 15:19

Yeah catfish peppersoup is awesome but I prefer the catfish barbeque. Extracting the oil is simply, you just need to take out the fat of the catfish while gutting it, put the fat in a pot and steem it till it turns to oil. When it cools off you would now seperate the oil from other residues and thats it.

Thanks for reading through @afunkycares.

twopercent #nigeria

07.01.2021 08:59

Hmmmm yummy i love fish ehhhh the dried one will be good for soup and the cat fish for peppersoup 😁😋 im coming for it

05.01.2021 15:53

Oya coman collect both the fresh and dried fishes, hope you ain't going to finish eating them alone though @solar-star?

twopercent #nigeria

07.01.2021 08:55