THE DIARY GAME SEASON 3 - Disappointed But Moving On -100% Power up - BY @iamlynxie - 06/01/2021


Holla Steemians, hope you all doing just fine today? My day started off quite bad but when life disappoints, we have to move on.


The previous day was a busy one for me and I didn't sleep well last through the night because I had a lot running through my mind.


I successfully closed a deal yesterday as Regards a car sale and my client paid without issues but the woman was acting up since yesterday because she doesn't want to give commisions. We got there to take the car since it's been paid for but she said she is no longer selling it for 2.5million naira again except we pay 3million naira. That was awkward because she personally agreed for 2.5million naira yesterday before payment was made. We finally agreed that the money be sent back to the buyer before we left in utmost dismay.

Disappointments breaks us as stumbling blocks but we can do well by letting go and focusing ahead for better days. What belongs to you always comes to you without hitches so keep MOVING.



By noon I was home working online, later I went out for an appointment I had. It was a call to visit a 10hectres farmland in Nasarawa state.

Me On Motocycle Going To A Farm
What3words Location

This is when we got there and boarded motorcycles to go to the farm itself, it was a 15mins ride on bike from were we met the farmer and Indigene who was to lead us there.

On Our Way Back

This is while we were on our way back to the main Village, I had to take the picture above, the village is called piano and it is really close to another village were I once featured in a movie we shot way back in 2018.


The picture of this beautiful sunset is part of the pics took, when we dropped patched ways with the land owner to report back within the week.



Dabiyi Hotel
What3words Location

I got home in the evening and was really tired, I had to meet with Mr E briefly at Dabiyi Hotels, has a bottle of cold drink and went straight home. At home I had peppered noodles I asked my sister to prepare for me and as soon as I was fone eating, I went straight to bed.



I believe in the saying that some disappointments are a blessing in disguise so I didnt let the early event of the day pull me back an inch. That's it for my day guys, thank you for reading through my diary and do enjoy the rest of your day.


Warm Regards,
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Comments 6

This is a way detailed diary post, I think that you really have a great day

07.01.2021 20:15

Yeah i did thanks.

11.01.2021 04:37

Every disappointment is a blessing. More blessing is coming on the way without stress. I've been to Nasarawa once when I went to greet a friend at Tamal. I spent 10 days with him. That was more than a year ago. God bless your hustle brother. One love

07.01.2021 21:24

Yeah can't wait for the blessings ahead, I am not so conversant with Nasarawa state though as I mostly go there for work or business.

God bless your hustle as well my nigga @ckole d laffin gazzzz.

twopercent #nigeria

08.01.2021 07:57

This looks great

08.01.2021 12:40

Thank you.

11.01.2021 04:38