THE DIARY GAME SEASON 3 - DELIVERY -100% Power up - BY @iamlynxie - 09/01/2021


Hey guys and hello to you all, it's my diary for Saturday the 9th day of January, stay glued to your screen while reading through.


Saturday morning was quite cold and calm, I woke up to meeting my sister and neighbor talking about a disturbing notice that kept crying all through the night. I didn't notice that though I had to leave them and go do a little laundry since it's Saturday.


After a while I had breakfast, rested and then went out to meet a colleague whom we were supposed to make a delivery together.

Ecowas Secretariat
What3words Location

I went to meet her at Asokoro and she asked me to wait for her by Ecowas Junction, the cab driver kept complaining so I had to pay him off and dropped to wait for Miss Jennifer.



After almost an hour, it was past noon before she met me at Ecowas junction, her excuse was that she went to buy some other products that were remaining to get for the client we are sending the parcel to.

Utako Motor Park
[What3words Location](

We had to hurry up to Utako Motor Park which quite some distance from Asokoro, on getting there we went to kano state motor park area to register the parcel, paid for it and was done with that.


From the park I went to visit my cousin who stays about 10mins drive from the Utako Park, haven't seen him in a while. I relaxed there for a while then left by 5pm for home.



What3words Location

In the evening I went straight to Ebuka's place to buy fish which I took home for a meal. While at home, dinner was steaming hot and waiting for me and I had a lot of it. I then got a call from Ice asking me to hangout but I turned down the invitation since I needed more rest than anything else.



That was how my Saturday was spent guys, hope it was interesting enough to engage you? Thanks for your time in reading through and I would be back with my next diary. Keep steeming hot Steemians.


Warm Regards,
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Comments 4

The diary is really enough to engage my reading. From your not giving to women gossip to your going delivery to buying catfish, all are normal daily life activities that makes life enjoyable. I hope to your piece again later today. By the way, how is your today?

11.01.2021 09:56

Yeah a great and enjoyable day it was for me, and I am doing just fine thank you. I am in the hope that you are doing fine as well. Thanks for reading through my diary @meymeyshops.

twopercent #nigeria

13.01.2021 07:01

Nice diary dear. That your breakfast is eye catching. What did you use in preparing it? Hope you will make such for me anytime I visit Abuja?

That ECOWAS secretariat is very beautiful. I will like to visit it.

Thank you for sharing. I always like reading your diary


11.01.2021 11:53

The breakfast was a light one with carrots, cucumber, onion, tomatoes, pepper, scent leaf and scrambled eggs. This would be readily available for you when you visit Abuja.

Thanks for reading through my diary @ngoenyi.

twopercent #nigeria

13.01.2021 06:58