THE DIARY GAME SEASON 3 - Car Sale -100% Power up - BY @iamlynxie - 05/01/2021


Hello Steemians, good to see you on the first tuesday of 2021. I am bout yo tsk you through my day so stay till the end.


My sleep through the night was a resful and an optimistic one as I had a deal I was looking forward to. It didnt take anything to wake up, pray and committed the day into God's hands.

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I had to wash up, didnt even eat breakfast before heading out to take clients to see a car they wants to buy.


When I got to our meeting point, the clients was still far so I had to wait for the them at my friend's house. The clients later arrived then we all went to see the car.



Car Inspection
What3words Location

Toward noon we were still on the car trade, the guys to buy the car inspected it to their satisfaction. After so much negotiations, they agreed on 2.5million naira for payment. While he wanted to make a transfer, he was notified that he had exceeded his limit for transfer. The only option was to go to the bank.

Way Home

He had to go drop me at home and then proceeded to the bank to make payments. By 4pm he had done the payments and the woman had confirmed it but one funny thing happened, her response to calls and the intonation she started using was different. Commission were requested for only for her to start calling names of people she needs to settle with money, how does all that concern me who brought the buyer?



In the evening I and my friend actually stayed to wait for the client to come pick the car, he later called us to let it be till tomorrow. So we left the womans place and I went straight home. While at home I was a bit down casted but hopeful that everything would go well by the next morning. After I had dinner, I went straight to bed and that's it.


That is how busy my diary was, I am being positive about the outcome tomorrow.Thanks to you all for reading through my diary.


Warm Regards,
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her response to calls and the intonation she started using was different

This is what I feel like when dealing with government officers on some occasions.

Though I don't really blame them much. Sometimes the people are impatient when dealing with officers cause we feel intermidated.

I still think they have to be nice and keep calm though. They were paid to help the people. 🀷

I enjoy your diary very much. Thanks for sharing.

On the side note, @iamlynxie, please tell me who made your divider. I want one too!! 😍😍

This is so cute~~~

06.01.2021 11:36

Well the woman changed as soon as money was sent to here, she is greedy that's all.

As for the divider, I made them myself and thanks for the compliments. Let me know if you need one ok, thanks for reading through @sarahraudhah.

twopercent #nigeria

07.01.2021 08:45

Hello @iamlynxie, you had a great day yesterday. So you deal on cars? I wasn't aware of it. Don't worry i will contact when i need car. I hope you will attend because then i will be a client.

Its a nice car, whats the make. It was a nice day for you thanks for sharing it here.


06.01.2021 11:52

I am not into cars full time but I do affiliate with my friends who are into car sales and yes I would attend to you when you want to buy yourself a car. The car is a Toyota Corolla 2010.

Thanks for reading through @bright-obias.

twopercent #nigeria

07.01.2021 08:40

You had a great great day @iamlynxie, i thinks it's a mutually beneficial that I know you sell cars. Like I want to buy a car this year and You are surely a first choice vendor.

I hope you got your commission from the woman after much complaints, cause what she is saying is none of your concern oo.

Do giveaway nah😁😁, o am waiting for my steem.

06.01.2021 13:11

I would definately be your car plug bro, i know you thinking benz or sports range yeah?

The woman didn't give me any commission bro and she had to refund the money to the buyer, she is a greedy type. I would do giveaway on a good day bro, thanks for reading through my able CR @white-stallion.

twopercent #nigeria

07.01.2021 08:35

You really have a great day and also at first I also I was wondering why will her intonation changes but I believe she will have her reasons though. I hope you were able to have enough and quality rest also after the day






06.01.2021 17:49

Bro she changed because money was involved and she is so greedy as to not wanting to give commissions. Well thats in the past and I have moved on. Thanks for reading through @mandate.

twopercent #nigeria

07.01.2021 08:08