THE DIARY GAME SEASON 2 : 23/09/2020 : DAY 11: @iamlynxie: The Book Launch(HIGHER PODIUM FOR ATHLETES)

Have you ever experienced any moment were you feel like the event occurung at the exact moment had occurred sometime in the past and repeating itself now?
That's some De'javu.

Dear Diary,

I am most thankful to God for his endless grace and mercy upon my life, it is and would never be possible without him. I am awake and full of joy that we are finally launching the long awaited book HIGHER PODIUM by Monica P. Ekpenyong.

Higher Podium.

Couple of good years have gone by writing these book and we have been anticipating these day to come. It's all like in a twinkle of an eye. My family members have all had their input in one way or another and despite all odds, We are finally here.

I, My Mum And kid Sister Shortly Before The Event Commenced.

The event had some little delay(Nigerian Time) but finally kicked off some minutes after the set time. Ut started with opening prayers, welcoming special guest of honors and introduction of the event proper.


That is the author of the book being ushered in by her tribal dance group, it was colourful and entertaining i must say.


These are the special guest on high table, among them is the Sports Minister, Permanent Secretary National Sports Commision, Mary Onyali(5x Olympian and former Nigerian Sprinter).


Other special guest were also present within Nigeria and from other parts of the world. These picture was taken immediately after our National Anthem.


These is the main reason for the event and the unveiling/launching of the book was really a thing of joy as there was so much shout of joy and rounds of applause in the air.

The event went on and soon came to an end with refreshments and music that filled the atmosphere.


At the close of the event, I and my siblings took cool pictures to serve as remembrance for these great day that the Lord has made.

I And Mary Onyali(Former Nigerian Sprinter)

These is the third time I am meeting her in person and i had to take these picture to mark these day because her presence was a blessing as she played a very important role during the event.

My day was a blessed one and i couldn't express that in a better way. Thank you Jesus for life, good health and success. Thank you @steemalive for reminding me to draft my daily activities that keeps me engaged and focused. Thanks to you steemians as well, may your days be blessed for stopping by.

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Wow, it was really a great day you had, thank God the event went peacefully.

@iamlynxie dont forget to get me the book.

Thanks for sharing.

26.09.2020 15:51

Yes great day it was, i would be sure to reserve you a copy of the book . Thank you.

28.09.2020 23:13

God be praised you finally succeeded in executing the event you have planned in a long time. I can feel your joy @iamlynxie. Kudos

onepercent #cameroon #affable

26.09.2020 19:56

Yes dear I am overwhelmed with Joy, was all possible by God's grace.


onepercent #nigeria #affable

28.09.2020 23:09

Great event.
I am very fond of reading books.
Dont forget to send me one copy!!!




27.09.2020 03:30

Oh ok I won't forget, thank you.

onepercent #nigeria #affable

28.09.2020 23:03

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