THE DIARY GAME SEASON 2 : 23/09/2020 : DAY 11: @iamlynxie: Disappointment Or A Blessing.

We usually hear that Every Disappointment Is A Blessing In Disguise. I don't know how true about all but some.

Dear Diary,

There's no sleep in the place were dreams are made and so I haven't had enough sleep in that past days. My mind have been occupied with several activities and set goals that needs to be achieved. Anyways i woke up feeling tired but optimistic about the day.


I had done the usual morning ritual of brushing my teeth and having a verg cold bath then I hurried out to meet my fashion designer. On reaching there, he was busy with another clients job and i felt mine was a done job by then. Unfortunately i was slapped in the face with news that it haven't even been half way done. Most annoying part was that he was trying to blame me for not giving him the job earlier than i did. I almost took the material away but i had to control my anger and also considered the fact that he'd already started working on it. Well i left his place feeling disappointed.

I was back home and by these time a few guest were begining to arrive, those that were in charge of the catering part had arrived as well and started fixing everything needed to steam the meat and bake snacks for the event.

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Pool Game.

Later in the evening I went out to play pool at the sports centre, I met a very good player whom lost the first game to me and decided we play again. I lost the second one and we both gave chance for others to play. His name is Mr Charles and his friend is Mr Philip, we all bonded well and got talking for over 3 hours about, life, business and pleasure. We finally exchanged contacts and I headed back home.

Preparations were still ungoing and my mum really felt bad when i told her about the tailor's disappointing act. At these point she suggesting that i put on the official book launching t-shirt which was a great idea to me as well because i was going to represent the event in full now.

4 Reasons Why Disappointment Is A Blessing.

  1. It teaches you very important lessons.
  2. It make's you reconsider your goal/vision
  3. It Strengthens your zeal/determination.
  4. It help's you change course when necessary.

A wise man once said "Wisdom is knowing when to quit banging on one door to open so you can go knocking on another.

Already I felt at ease and finally stopped worrying about the disappointment which now seemed like a blessing to me. I moved on and was fully prepared for the event before calling it a day.

These was my blessed day guys, i hope it was worth your time. Thanks for stopping by.

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Yea somedays are like that, the way you planned things may not come the way you expected it. Sorry for the disappointment in other hand it is a blessing to you because the opportunity to represent the event fully by putting on the T-shirt of the event.

Thanks for sharing.

onepercent #nigeria #affable.

26.09.2020 06:55

Very true Jenny, i would rather move on than hold back. Thanks so much.

onepercent #nigeria #affable

26.09.2020 13:18

The of disappointment is always so heavy that you feel like the whole world is against you. It's good you got to control your anger and that makes you a better person. Enjoy your day

onepercent #cameroon #affable

26.09.2020 20:05

Yes it can be a crazy feeling ans thanks i I had to control myself.

onepercent #nigeria #affable

28.09.2020 23:05

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