THE DIARY GAME SEASON 2 : 22/09/2020 : DAY 10: @iamlynxie: It's Good To Be Good..

When you want a different result, you need to do things differently. No food taste good without making effort to spice it up.

Dear Diary,

We all know that early to bed, early to rise. I had woken up quite early by past 4am and couldn’t sleep again and these usually happens to me mostly when I go to bed before 00:00AM. I took a book ‘’NO EXCUSES’’ and continued reading from where I stopped. It is basically about discipline in every works of life and how to apply them to work for you.

Apartment For Rent.

By 7am I was up from bed, freshened up and went straight to have breakfast. I later got a call from my friend requesting for a real estate agent to show him and his sister any available 2 bedroom flat in my estate. He later came around and we all went to check a few places that was available. They saw about 2 different ones they liked and settled for one immediately. Soon as that was concluded we went to sit out somewhere and talked over a couple of drinks.

Moshood Abiola National Stadium, Abuja, Nigeria.

Later in the day I went to the venue for the book launching event to check and be certain that nothing was left undone. It is "Moshood Abiola International Stadium" where my mum worked before retiring a month ago, so she virtually got nothing to worry about as the venue is at her disposal. At these moment I was already feeling thankful to God because I remember we have been planning these for couple of years and now it is already here like it was just yesterday.

Mr Paul(Footballer)

While i was there i met an old friend and neighbour that I had loosed contact with. He is a footballer that travels a lot and seeing him today was great. He reminded me of certain good deeds I extended across to him years back and how grateful he still is, hmmm. We chatted and exchanged contacts to keep in touch before we went our separate ways.

One thing I learnt today was that being good pays a lot, might not be now but later in the future. Karma knows everybody’s addresses and whatever you do today have an inevitable effect on you tomorrow.

I had gotten home and felt good with the days fruitful endeavours. I didn’t eat dinner because I was filled with joy, i went straight to bed and called it a day.

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Wow, you are such a busy type @iamlynxie. That is why is good for one to do good to another because you cant tell where life will take you, if u had not do good to your friend Mr. Paul he wouldnt have come close to you. Keep it up.

Thanks for sharing.

onepercent #nigeria #affable

25.09.2020 08:49

Yes very true dear and thanks for checking in on my post.

onepercent #nigeria #affable

25.09.2020 16:51

Which team Mr paul play for????




25.09.2020 17:29

He plays for a Turkish team, though I can't remember the name of the football team.

onepercent #nigeria #affable

25.09.2020 22:44

Good to know your preparation towards the book launch is moving on smoothly. Courage
"One thing I learnt today was that being good pays a lot" this is definitely true @iamlynxie. Being kind to others creates open doors for you unknowingly. Keep on being good.

onepercent #cameroon #affable

26.09.2020 09:13

Yes dear, the blessings of being good can only delay but cant be stopped.

onepercent #nigeria #affable

26.09.2020 13:21