THE DIARY GAME SEASON 2 : 17/09/2020 : DAY 6: @iamlynxie: Empowerment Program Kicks Off.

In the course of my trying to offer humanitarian services to the masses, steps have been taken and have been fruitful so far. What more can i say other than say "Thank You Lord".


Dear Diary,

I wish i had a way to manage my time better because i rarely do have time for myself. I been up almost all night brainstorming as usual and also looking to the start of an Empowerment program organised by Senator Philip Aduda.

Sen. Philip Aduda collaborating with SMEDAN

The event was scheduled for 8am and I was ready for it. I hit the road and arrived just in time. Confirmation of registered members took over 3 hours before the start of the event. The event is organized by Sen. Philip Aduda in conjunction with Small & Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria(SMEDAN) and the essence of the event is to train youths on business management to avoid more risk and loss. Most importantly is to help the youths form several cooperatives that can access secured loan facilities. In the course of the event, a token of #5,000 was shared round to all individuals present there for mobilization, refreshment was also available.

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Sen. Philip Aduda.

"Philips Tanimu Aduda is a Nigerian politician who served two terms in the national House of Representatives between 2003 and 2011, and was elected to the Senate for Abuja Federal Capital Territory in the 9 April 2011 elections, running on the People's Democratic Party (PDP) ticket. Sen." Source

Philip Aduda is well know for his generous acts of giving the people hope, his endless support to eradicate poverty and his efforts to promote peace and unity.

My Humble Self During The Event.

During the event, members were shared into groups of 10 people and told to name their cooperative groups respectively. As soon as that was done, each group appointed their group Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary to oversea the activities and progress of the group.

Picture Of The Event Ongoing.

There were over 350 members that graced the occasion and everyone was treated equally to ensure equality just like the saying "Equality Is Equity". It finally came to an end and people smile back home because it was obviously a successful event. It continues tomorrow and i know everyone would gladly be back here.

Birthday Party.

In the evening i had to attend my very good friend's birthday party, his name is George. It was fun as we wine, dine and danced off the stress. I went back home and actually slept before 12am which is so unlike me.

Long day yeah? Yes it was a long and good day. Warm regards my fellow Steemians, gracias to @steemit, @steemcurator03 and @steemalive for your endless engagements with members of the platform.

Steemit To Greatness.

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Is it permissible for people in your country to gather in one place without maintaining the distance that has been recommended in the current Covid-19 pandemic.



19.09.2020 03:02

No it is not, though everyone who gained access had facemasks on them and other necessary actions such as washing of hands and temperature check was done. Drastic measures had to be taken to curtail the rate of hunger admist the pandemic, these in turn would curtail the rise of crime.

onepercent #nigeria

19.09.2020 07:58

It is your motto "think big,start small"??

onepercent #bangladesh #affable

19.09.2020 05:07

Yes that's the motto to the event, "Think Big, Start Small".

19.09.2020 07:48


onepercent #bangladesh #affable

19.09.2020 08:45

Than you

19.09.2020 13:15


onepercent #bangladesh #affable

19.09.2020 13:30

@iamlynxie what name did you guys get for your cooperative groups during the event? Birthday events are fun events.

onepercent #cameroon #affable

19.09.2020 07:36

The name to the group is "Business Achievers" and yes birthdays are fun.

onepercent #nigeria

19.09.2020 07:45

Hello @iamlynxie, you had a funfilled day especially when they handed N5000 = $13.05 to you as mobilization.

Well, i dont think you actually need all those tags flying around the bottom of your post. It makes it looks untidy. The curators will come

diarydoctor #nigeria #affable

19.09.2020 15:40

Yes a funfilled day it was. What tags are you reffering to if i may ask?

22.09.2020 18:43

Check the footer of your post. They are with the green colour.


23.09.2020 03:03

Those are part of our task while posting, maybe the person that referred you didnt communicate that across to you. Try to find out from the person.

onepercent #nigeria #affable

23.09.2020 15:24