THE DIARY GAME SEASON 2 : 14/09/2020 : DAY 3: @iamlynxie : Fruitful Monday.

Hey fellow Steemians, how do you feel when you were busy with work things almost all through sunday night against Monday's work/schedule and slept for barely 3hrs before rising up for the day's activities?


Dear Diary,

I woke up quite early since its monday and I remembered the phrase "Everybody Hates Mondays". I had a late one last night and only had about 2hrs plus of sleep, but my gratitude goes to God that I woke up healthy which is the most important.

Heading Out With My Mum

We had our daily devotion, breakfast then I and my mum left for an early appointment in regards to her book launching. We experienced some traffic on our way but lucky got there just in time(She rarely let's anyone drive her). It was a brief and well concluded meeting with the publishers and we left in satisfaction.

Me In The Kitchen To Fix Lunch

We got home safely and even faster, we had stopped by the market to get groceries for lunch. I took the kitchen role to do what I was taught to do well, cook.

I made Jollof rice for lunch and also did vegetable sauce which my mum loves so much. Lunch was good and I felt quite laid back after having my meal. Feels like time to lay down, oh yes.

Me In Bed Struggling To Nap

I rarely do nap during the day except my system really tells me to.. and these time wasn't an exception as the camera focused on me with the intent of contents like this one I am writing now. LOL to that, @steemalive on ma mind.

I really don't know what people think about @steemit and it's long term goals, as for me I am super optimistic about these platform. Am barely one week into the system and I am already envisioning greatness ahead. Kudos to dedicated members like @focusnow @njiatanga @sambee whom work tirelessly to bring life into the platform. Same goes to evert other members of steemit, ya'll doing a great job.

Out For Board Games.

Another cool evening for board games and I am out with buddies to do as we do. Ice(middle) knows how to play only scrabble while Olem(Right) plays both Scrabble and chess, unfortunately for Ice the night was left to me and Olem battling on the chess board.

Game Of Chess

Truth be told, Olem won most of the games for the night so am kinda looking forward to another time to regain my top spot. But for now, all road lead to our various humble aboard.

I got home and had dinner, watched a movie and finally mined some faucets cryptocurrency online before retiring to bed.

Fruitful monday it was for me and i suppose it was same for y'all. My utmost appreciation to you and you and you and you, yes you for your time to read these. Be sure to get reciprocating gestures for that.


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Hmmmmmm see enjoyment @iamlynxie, only the meat alone is tantanlizing, you couldnt even call me to join you, well you really had a good day. You mum look so young like under 16, may God continue keeping her alive. Amen

Nice day of yours, keep winning.


15.09.2020 16:13

Yes oh I'll invite you next time. Yes she looks young and thanks. Hope you are doing great?

15.09.2020 19:18

Alright, i cant wait till the day. Yea am doing perfectly good.

onepercent #nigeria

16.09.2020 08:11

I think you can't eat all the food alone.You should invite me.I can play chess too.By the way, which handset do you use to capture moments???



15.09.2020 17:26

Ok i am going to invite you next time fir a meal and good to know you play chess too. I use Samsung A6 or Samsung A20 to capture my moments. Which one do you use?

onepercent #nigeria

16.09.2020 03:54

@iamlynxie i use Infinix Hot S3

onepercent #bangladesh

16.09.2020 05:46

Ok, when you can you should consider Samsung or iPhone for better picture quality and resolution.

onepercent #nigeria

16.09.2020 07:04

Thanks for your suggestion

onepercent #bangladesh

16.09.2020 09:07

You are welcome

16.09.2020 09:54

Powerful diary. You are gifted writer, keep it up. I love your social life too. Hanging out with friends, playing games. I love chess but have not played it for some time now. Extend our greetings to your mum. She did a nice job in helping you develop cooking skills. It's was a cool day. Will join your next food adventure.

onepercent #nigeria

15.09.2020 18:11

@focusnow Thanks to you my able chairman, i hope we play chess someday. Yeah she did a good job and I would definately extend your regards to her. I await your joining me for a meal sir, thanks for the compliments.

15.09.2020 19:15

wow @iamlynxie, see you are a Chess lover.hope some time we do an online battle lol

onepercent #cameroon #affable

15.09.2020 21:53

@fombae yes i am and i am looking forward to playing you online or offline. Good to know you play chess too.

16.09.2020 03:50

Wow!! I so love your sharing. So detailed about everything you did.

"I took the kitchen role to do what I was taught to do well, cook" I really do enjoy cooking too with a love of passion. Happy to see you enjoy this art

onepercent #cameroon #affable

16.09.2020 22:48

@tenguhatanga yeah right? Thanks for the compliments. It's good to know you enjoy cooking too dear, hope I taste your food someday soon?

18.09.2020 00:29

Cooking is my passion. And why not? You will definitely get to taste my food when the opportunity comes#onepercent #cameroon #affable

18.09.2020 09:21

Very optimistic

18.09.2020 10:18

Yes I am @iamlynxie

18.09.2020 23:18

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