Good day esteemed Steemians, I believe we are all having a great day all over the globe. It is of great excitement to join you all in THE DIARY GAME(season 2)on these day. It is better late than never, let's STEEMIT to SUCCESS.



I woke up early to going online and trying to check my Steemit notifications despite the fact that I slept late when trying to know my way around the Steemit platform. What a curious personality yeah? Well I am a curious person and like to learn a lot, of which i was able to ask questions on my steemit whatsapp group. I was greatly delighted at the several responses and support I got.

Scrabble Session With friends This Morning

 I love board games generally and scrabble is one of those I play on weekly basis. I did play scrabble with my friends living in my estate for couple of hours and won twice in the game until I remembered I had to take my dogs out for medication.

Meet Rubbie(the white lhasa) she is grandma to Bruce(the black lhasa)

 I finally took those little creatures out to my Vet Doctor, he was able to vaccinate them and update their pet cards to signify that their up to date on vaccination. Rubbie is 8yrs old and very calm, she takes orders as meant to and rarely causes commotion unlike Bruce which is 5yrs old male grand puppy to Rubbie, very stubborn and curious. Bruce usually gives a little stress whenever he is about to be injected by the Vet and today was not an exception. Well I had to feed them and play with them a little. At these point I was already being time conscious as regards to a seminar I have to attend.

Crowd1 Seminar

 I am a beneficiary of Crowd1 and my team always have seminar twice or trice a week pending the volume of people. I went there with 2 prospects who needed to see the business and I was glad they were happy to grace the invitation. The event took more hours than usual because it is our monthly Live Broadcast of our major event from the top Crowd1 Ambassadors worldwide. The event was a success and also an eye opener to everyone present, especially as a new product was launched.

Me heading home with my prospects

After a successful event, I was really exhausted and famished that I couldn't wait to get home and eat. I suppose you can see that from the looks on my face. Truth is, I could have eaten before leaving home but I ran out of time to meet with my prospects and ensure early arrival at the venue.

My Prospects While Headed Home

Just so you know, my prospects are also my friends and at these moment we were already thinking of were to sitting out to talk over couple of drinks and also eat.

It was and awesome day and a soft end of the day as I got back home by 8pm, had a shower, ate dinner and went online to check my Steemit account for notifications and prepare my Diary for the day.

Thanks @steemit for having me more conscious now, i see you @sambee @focusnow @njiatanga @steemcurator03, and to y'all my audience for taking out time to read these. I wish you guys a great time wherever you are. One love always.

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What an interesting day you had! Wish I could join you. Thanks for sharing

13.09.2020 15:25

I liked playing Scrabble with schoolmates when I was young. It's interesting and educational. But it's difficult to find someone to play with me now because my family don't enjoy this game... Hope you have a nice day ahead!

onepercent #hongkong #china

13.09.2020 17:59

@laplanss2020 oh thats good to know, i wish i was there to play with you. We can play online together if you want. What do you think?

13.09.2020 18:17

This post has been rewarded by @focusnow from @steemcurator04 Account with support from the Steem Community Curation Project."

Keep posting good content and follow @steemitblog for more updates. Keep following all the rules in the Diary Game, as well as improving your Diary post content to get more attention. Thank you, Steemit Team!

14.09.2020 04:52

Thanks for the reward and God bless your efforts.

14.09.2020 21:19

Waow you had such a great day @iamlynxie, the crable game wish i knew how play it. Please while you discuss with friends over a drink do remember to tell them about steemit. You are doing great on the diary game already be seeing you around shortly,,,,,thanks for Sharing.

onepercent #cameroon

14.09.2020 05:50

Thanks for the compliment Sir, i hope you learn the scrabble because you are already good with written words so it cant be difficult for you to learn. And i surely am sharing the word about steemit

14.09.2020 21:17

Hahahaha, what an interesting day, i wish you could teach me how to play scrabble game. That your dog eeeeh hmmm will love to see it oneday, hope is too friendly? You day was nice.

Thanks for sharing and looking forward to read more.

14.09.2020 07:07

Yes i would teach you scrabble anytime and yes they are friendly.

14.09.2020 21:15

I also love to play scrabble game.
You can invite me also.



14.09.2020 12:49

Ok sounds good, ill definately do so.

14.09.2020 21:13

Wow!. I love words scrabbles. @iamlynxie your day must have been exciting with friends.

14.09.2020 21:30

Yes it was an exciting day thank you. I hope we play scrabble together someday.

onepercent #nigeria

16.09.2020 03:59

I have tweeted about this article. Here is the link (

22.09.2020 14:06