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Hello my steeming Steemians it's good to be back once more to you guys by participating in this great superhero contest organised by @steemingcurators.


Super Power

Superheroes are characters that are created by humans in comics and movies. Superheroes represent justice and peace, they are know for fighting crimes, eliminating threats and saving the world.

A superhero is courageous and has powers to do supernatural things that is beyond the normal human capabilities and comprehension.

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At this point, it is my pleasure to let you know that my favourite superhero is SPECTRE. Spectre has appeared in several comic books published by DC Comics, the character was created by Jerry Siegel and Bernard Baily.

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Spectre's possesses a lot of abilities that makes him stand our from others and below are a few listed:

  • Telepathy
  • Cosmic-level energy
  • Space and time manipulation
  • Reality warping
  • Knowledge of something before it happens
  • Immortality
  • Superhuman strength
  • Omniscience

    • Spectre as popularly known has other names being called by his fans and loyalist. Below are the few names:
    • Avenging Wrath of God
    • The Spirit of Vengeance,
    • The Spirit of Redemption
    • The Ghostly Guardian
    • The Man of Darkness
    • Raguel
    • Master


    Spectre’s source of power is directly related to the Presence and manifestation of God. He manifests in different ways and exudes Divine Wrath. Specter punishes evil of every kind and is out for vengeance representing the abilities of God.

    The most attractive and admirable abilities that the specter has is the telepathy. I love this about him why because it is outstanding and that is the main reason I chose Spectre.

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    TELEPATHY (Cambridge Defination)


    Telepathy is the ability to know what is in someone else's mind, or to communicate with someone mentally, without using words or other physical signals.
    " Telepathy

    Why I Chose Telepathy (reading minds) As My Super Power.

    I chose Telepathy as the superpower I would like to possess because with the ability to read people's Minds, I can be able to seperate the right from the wrong, the good from the evil and then know how to balance things to favor everyone positively.

    I grew up in a society where Trust is an issue despite the fact that it is earned. To trust is still difficult even to your family members talk less of friends and neighbours around you.

    Telepathy enables me know the mindset of people I am dealing with and also to decide if to continue my dealings with them or not. These is after reading his or her mind before taking action.

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    Saving The World

    With my Telepathy superpowers the main thing I'm going to do is to try and eliminate every bad politician in the Nigerian government.

    This is doable if I start involving myself in political affairs. I'm going to start with the grassroots youth politicians and when I have my way to their top leaders of the youth group, I am going to introduce myself properly then also state my abilities and intentions.

    Do not forget that stating my intentions to anybody has to do with someone that I have already read his or her mind and realise that the person has good intentions for my country Nigeria.

    In the process of doing this I believe that a lot of youth that may come to know and understand what is cooking will support the motion in making sure everything is done to gradually eliminate corrupt politicians out of power.

    By this time, I already have the support of many tired and neglected Nigerians, these would be made easy because they are aware that a Hero greater than the ordinary human has their interest at heart. I would also penetrate the security sector to work on their minds and ensure my supporters are safe.

    Imagine reading the minds of two or more opposing political parties in Nigeria and exposing the intentions of one to the other thereby causing confusions and chaos between them?

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    Super Heroes

    These is my humble entry to these contest and my special thanks goes to the organizer @virajherath and @steemingcurators for making these very engaging and exciting. Thanks to you all for reading through, I hope that you were able to see reasons with why I chose the Telepathy super power and how I would use it.

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    Warm Regards,
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17.11.2020 14:24

Great entries
My favorite superhero too is super Mario

His powers is similar to Spectre
It's be long I last watch super Mario
Also it has a funny characters
Bravo to your entry 💪

17.11.2020 16:19

Wow that's good to know @gracellagift, I am speechless for real.

Thanks for reading through my post and am glad you can relate to it.

twopercent #nigeria

17.11.2020 16:50

Nice entry from you @iamlynxie

I love this telepathy feature.It will work well on our local politics.

I wish you goodluck in the contest.

onepercent #nigeria #affable

17.11.2020 17:58

Oh yeah I bet it will work @samuel20.

Thanks for reading through my post for real, what super power would you rather have and why?

twopercent #nigeria

17.11.2020 18:30

Hi @iamlynxie

I love the INVISIBILITY super power.It will help me to evade trouble and danger.
Some people on Earth are troublesome in nature.Tbey needed to be avoided.

17.11.2020 19:44

Invisibility is an awesome power to possess, with that you can make positive impact in every man's life gradually.

17.11.2020 22:22

Wow I love your super power wish you could have it. Keep up with the good work.

17.11.2020 19:48

Make a super power in life nice word

17.11.2020 20:53

Thanks @mccoy02 for wishing I had the super power, to make changes in some societies, we need such super powers to reach the promise land

twopercent #nigeria

17.11.2020 22:13

eliminate every bad politician in the Nigerian government.

I really wonder is there any GOOD politician in any government. They have different propaganda, they never want to think in a normal person situation with the power they have from the people itself. I don't think any power can stop such power coming from a mandate. That is just sad reality.

onepercent #SriLanka #affable

19.11.2020 14:23

Thanks for reading through @virajherath, there are a few good politicians out there but they are hardly noticed because the the bad ones are like 98.5%. With that statistics, anyone would conclude that they all bad.

However, giving the citizens a system that works matters the most because it's hard to have such powers and not try to fill your pockets.

Better little than nothing at all.

twopercent #nigeria

19.11.2020 18:46