Steemalive City Coordinator's(SCC) Report For Abuja City, Nigeria - Report From 8th Nov to 14th Nov 2020.

Good day Steemians, I am back with my report,aso far so good week and all thanks to God for Life.


pexels-photo-590016.jpegWeekly Report

As we stepped into the 2nd week of November, slow but yet worth I drafted my weekly report of activities as a Steemalive City Coordinator, Abuja City, Nigeria. Below are my activities from 8th November to 14th November.


Recruitment & Retention

Here in Abuja Nigeria I was able to recruit a new user @donluther whom is yet to do his achievement 1 task. @focusnow helped him setup his account however he is having challenges of taking actions on his account. He is always asked to sign in when he wants to subscribe to a community or follow a steemit user. Since then @donluther can't navigate around his account with ease. @Simplyvicky22 is still yet to be active on t by e steemit platform.

The Steemalive Abuja City group is active and we all try to encourage ourselves in every way possible.

When it comes to retention, we ensurecommenting on each others posts as a group, these would help us achieve engagements and retention of old and new members.


City Group Meetings

We still hold our meeting online to discuss and promote steemit. Responds can be slow due to different work loads and time schedules. I am hoping as we expand with time, the house would be more active



I have always and would keep promoting steem to help us grow further, The week was a busy o e for me so I didn't do as much training in the whatsapp training group, I hope to carry on with the regular daily training in the new week ahead.



These is my little achievement for the week, I won't stop at anything bur to always wear the title of a Steemian to everywhere I go, everyone I meet and in everything I do.

Thank you @steemalive, Oga Boss @focusnow for your kindness and continuous support. You are celebrated for stopping by and reading my report, wish you a blessed week ahead.

Warm Regards,
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Sorry we missed this.

@focusnow - surprised none of the SteemAlive community are supporting these City Coordinator reports...

23.11.2020 00:20

Thank you @steemcurator01 for stopping by.

twopercent #nigeria

23.11.2020 18:06