Steemalive City Coordinator's(SCC) Report For Abuja City, Nigeria - Report From 1st Nov to 7th Nov 2020.

Hello great Steemians and welcome once more to read my report, It has been a short and fruitful week and I am mostly grateful to God for being alive and healthy.


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It's the first week of November and these is it for my weekly report of activities as a Steemalive City Coordinator, Abuja City, Nigeria. Below are my activities from 1st November till 8th November.


Recruitment & Retention

Activities are back to normal here in Abuja Nigeria but not everyone has conformed to normalcy. I only recruited one new Steemian whom is yet to do her achievement 1 task, her username is @Simplyvicky22. In my course of promoting steemit on friday I came across an old steemit user, we talked at length and I convinced him to join @steemalive for better engagements. His username is @adesojisouljay.

Our Steemalive Abuja City group has increased in number as three new members were added this week. They were reffered to me by my able colleague and SCC Lagos City @talktofaith whol has been working tirelessly. Their usernames are;

  • @peacejoh
  • @exceptional20
  • @soloben

    • As for retention, every effort necessary is been taken by myself to ensure that every member in my group is active and engaged, these is more with the new comers especially towards completing their achievement tasks. By that I believe retention would be easy as it is a thung of collective effort.

    City Group Meetings

    We Steemians in Abuja have mostly been meeting online to discuss progress this week. During our last meeting in the whatsapp group, we discussed mainly about promoting steem and progressing on the steemit ecosystem, we also hope to meet up soon.



    I still keep doing what I do to promote steem and get people to know about steemit, still carry on with training in the whatsapp group I created separately for that. Hopefully I get more recruits in the new week ahead of us.



    These is so far what I have achieved these week, I hope to doing better as time goes by to deliver on my duty here in Abuja and it's environs.

    Thank you @steemalive and my great leader @focusnow for the engagements and your continuous support.

    Thanks for stopping by and reading my report, wish y'all a fruitful week ahead.

    Warm Regards,
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Nice job @iamlynxie, let's keep working hard.
We will definitely arrive at our set goal, together we will get to the top on steemit.
Keep up the hard work, it will definitely payout some day.
Thanks for sharing your Report with us.



09.11.2020 10:26

Yes very true @talktofaith, hard work always pays off and we are getting there gradually.

Thanks for reading through, enjoy your day.

twopercent #nigeria

09.11.2020 10:50

Nice report dear @iamlynxie, you are really doing great. Here in Uyo, life is different here. Though I have been doing my best, but no results yet. I feel ashamed of even reporting mine as city coordinator. But you guys are really doing great. When I grow up I will be like you

twopercent #nigeria

09.11.2020 11:05

Thanks for the compliments @ngoenyi and I must say that you are doing a great job as well in your constant engagements generally, we are all getting there.

I am already growing up to be like you oh.

twopercent #nigeria

11.11.2020 03:38

You are welcome dear @iamlynxie. Let's keep winning. No stopping, no parking always keep moving forward

twopercent #nigeria

11.11.2020 04:02



11.11.2020 08:14