Steemalive City Coordinator's(SCC) Report For Abuja City, Nigeria - Report From 14th Dec to 20th Dec 2020.(100% Power Up)



Hello and welcome once to my weekly report. I would be reporting for 14th to 20th of December so stay tuned. December has been a busy month especially as people are preparing for the Christmas Holiday.


the week wasn’t really productive in terms of recruitments and retention and not one person was able to sign up through me, However the new people whom are interested are yet to sign up.

we the steemit users in Abuja are still intact and actively participating in daily and weekly activities as suposed. Below is the list of Abuja City group members;

Username Current Achievement City
@iamlynxie Graduate Abuja
@beckie96830 Achievement 5 Abuja
@sambee Achievement 3 Abuja
@exceptional20 Achievement 4 Abuja
@soloben Achievement 2 Abuja
@peacejoh Achievement 3 Abuja
@ayomide1110 Achievement 3 Kaduna
@ckole Active Abuja.

These are the names of the 8 members and their current achievement task concluded in the Steemalive Abuja City group currently.


Our meetings and communications has been steadily done on the whatsapp City group till this moment, a few of us been discussing on how to meet u and do something different towards promoting steemit here and we are considering to start off soon.


I have no other option than promoting steem constantly as part of my task as a coordinator, the new measure been taken towards promotion and recruitment of new users into steemit is quite slow for me but am getting there. I still promote steemit on social media constantly and verbally.


That is all for my report this week, not much was done but I would keep working. I continue to seek the support of group members on the Abuja City Group in promoting steem more and even better everyday.

Thank you @steemalive, City Coordinator and @focusnow for being a great leader. Thanks for reading my report, do have a fruitful week ahead.

Warm Regards,
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Together, we would make things happen. You are doing a good job already buddy. Slow and steady wins the race. We must increase in number this year. Great job man

01.01.2021 16:33

Definately bro, we would increase and win like kings do. Thanks @ckole.

twopercent #nigeria

05.01.2021 08:14