Steemalive City Coordinator's(SCC) Report For Abuja City, Nigeria: 25/10/2020

Hello my fellow Steemians and happy weekend, I bet it has been a restful weekend so far. It is the second weekend for the SCC report and these is how it went.

Much haven't been accomplished due to the national unrest in Nigeria which also affected Abuja city very well. However I have been able to indulge in paid ads on facebook to recruit people online.

Screenshot_20201025_214108.jpgSteemit Whatsapp Training Group

I and @sambee had also made efforts to recruit a few people both within and outside the shores of abuja and Africa at large. A different whatsapp group was created to enlighten people about steemit and ensure easy recruiting. So far it is only @vvarishayy that has been able to complete her achievement 1 introduction posts, it has been a challenge for other new users to make their introduction posts due to several reasons best know to them but we are not relenting as to ensuring their continuity and retention.


However there has been an observation from one of the newly registered member who wanted to download the app and use but needed to be sure if it's a great idea. I am asking to know what is advisable as to the use of the app.

I also need to ask and know if there are better and easier means of having new steemians to hurry and complete their achievement one task? It would go a long way if there is any.

We the steemians in Abuja could not meet during the week due to the unrest in the city and we only hope that next week is peaceful so that we can resume usual activities.

Thanks to you @steemcurator01, @steenitblog, @steemalive, @focusnow for your support, thanks to you Steemians for the time to read these and do enjoy the rest of your day.

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Comments 4

I did just because of your guidance. Thank you for considering me
And I pray all your worries may vanish

25.10.2020 22:11

Thanks for the prayers @vvarishayy, you are good at these and I believe in you. May you soar higher than your expectations dear.

twopercent #nigeria

28.10.2020 00:30

@iamlynxie. Thank you for all the work you do for us. We appreciate these efforts. Keep it up.

26.10.2020 04:45

Thanks for the gratitude, I long to do more as time goes by.

twopercent #nigeria

28.10.2020 00:32